Friday , May 27 2022

Wow! The Nokia 6310 is backwards, of course with more noticeable features


Original Nokia 6310 (left) and Nokia 6310 2021 (right)

Subang, – Of course you still remember the Nokia mobile phone product, this Finnish factory is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, to celebrate the release of these Nokia 6310 products with new specifications and features.

Also, this phone was released by Nokia in 2001 and is known as a feature phone which has a stiff body and long battery life.

Of course, the 2021 version of the Nokia 6310 came with a modern appearance and specifications, but, that doesn’t negate the impressive design of 20 years ago.

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This latest Nokia 6310 model comes with a 2.8-inch screen, larger than the classic model which has a 1.8-inch bottom screen.

This new version of Nokia 6310 is powered by a powerful UNISOC 6531F processor with 8MB of RAM and 16MB of internal memory.

As for the operating system, the Nokia 6310 runs the Series 30+ (S30 +). With the S30 + operating system, users can download various applications such as games in the App Store.

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