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Ballack: Hazard accepts its superstar status as rumors still swirling | Football


Michael Ballack explained how Chelsea can lure Eden Hazard to renew his contract in the club because his current deal has been going on for the last 18 months and Real Madrid is lurking.

Hazard called the move to Madrid as a "dream," but he also said he would be happy to stay at Stamford Bridge, where his family had settled in London and was leading the Premier League.

Chelsea hopes to extend the talisman agreement and conclude a lucrative five-year contract worth about £ 300,000 per week.

The former captain in Germany is no stranger to see speculation about his future when he left Bayern Munich on a free transfer to Chelsea in 2006 amid the Manchester United competition. He thinks Chelsea will have to score a number of points if he wants to keep him in the club.

"You have to pay him a lot of money!" Ballack asked in an interview Football goal, courtesy of the Enterprise, before explaining how to save the dangers of Chelsea. "But more importantly, you have to give him a vision. You have to tell him how important he is to ask him what he wants from the club and give him a little more responsibility.

"You have to find out what he wants and ask him if he is happy. Of course, you want something to win and be as successful as an individual player, it's normal to look around and think," With what club can I do? "

Everyone who loves Chelsea wants Hazard to stay. Chelsea is an ambitious club and it will always be possible for the coach and players to be competitive at the highest level. Only he can give an answer to what he wants for himself, his ambitions to the club and gives the sign. "

Maurizio Sarri will be glad to come back to the bench against Crystal Palace this weekend. The Belgian gave decisive help to Chelsea's second goal after two weeks of injury.

Michael Ballack Premier League Chelsea in Tottenham

27-year-old Chelsea gained more influence and scored eight goals after returning when he won Silver Ball in Belgium's third final at the World Championship. Ballack thinks Hazard is the best form of his life, and he thinks that much of this is that he accepts his responsibility as a superstar of his team.

"It is a good example when you see that the best players and superstars in the team are happy," added Ballack. "Their performance is a good sign that there is something good in the team, that there is a good relationship, that the atmosphere is good, and I always said it was an incredible player.

"From my point of view, he should have even more responsibility and even greater impact on him than enjoying the individual freedom he likes." Players sometimes do not want to have that heavy weight
their shoulders in order to lead the team or in certain situations to ask for this responsibility.

"I think it's a player who should do it in this team, if you understand how important it is to you and your game and you can deal with it, it will take you to the team and take the next step."

Ballack, who helped Chelsea in the first Champions League final in 2008, thinks Sarri has revealed the attacking potential of his tactics by tactical methods.

"Of course the team was good after last season," Ballack added. "Since then, there have been no major changes, but sometimes they were a bit pragmatic and you could see as a rival team what to expect when Chelsea arrives.

Michael Ballack

"Today is a little more flexible, I say, with a little freedom to go forward. A little more freedom in certain positions on the pitch.

"They still have the Italian base, a defensive structure that's really important for long-term winning, and for a long-term success you need a defensive organization." They had it before, but my point is that there's a little more going on and moving forward.

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