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BHA under fire over investigation of Brighton Frost bullying charges | Horse Racing News


Edward Whitaker

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Ruby Danny: Blame it "Discrimination for integrity or good reputation" According to a report by the Racing English Times

Ruby Danny: According to a report in the English Times, racing is accused of “discriminating against integrity or reputation”

Edward Whitaker

By Chris Cook and Peter Scargel

The BAA has defended its investigation into the allegations of bullying against evil rider Robbie Dunn by fellow Frost as regulator Dean’s strenuous attack came on the legal team for details of the case being leaked to the media.

The BAA said on Sunday that the case, for which the covert report was allegedly completed in April, was “near to reaching a conclusion” and that Yak-Yak said the case was one that was “taken very seriously.” has been.

However, two representatives claimed on Sunday that the BEA had referred itself to the Information Commissioner after arriving at the conclusion that the leak to the English Times probably came from the organization’s own integrity department.

It was revealed in articles published earlier this week that Landy had been accused of “racing that damages integrity or reputation” on 120 pages after a comprehensive page report by the B.E.A. By the Department of Integrity, which details the allegations of fraud. The statement of witnesses and two witnesses, along with witnesses, were leaked.

“Title =” Brian Frost: King George VI Chase Kitty Furon last December “class =” js-imageLoader “data-at-xn =” 01/28/87694-medium.jpeg “data-br-n =” “data-br-m = “” data-br-w = “ /news/2021/01/28/87694-large.jpeg “data-br-xw =” ” onclick = “Return false;”>
Bryony Frost: King George VI Chase was defeated last December at Froton

Bryony Frost: King George VI Chase was defeated last December at Froton

In addition to detailing allegations of threats and inappropriate behavior by Frost on Dean, BAEA researchers report that “there is a cultural problem in which threatening marijuana behavior is condemned and not reported in the weight room. Went.

A spokesman for the BAE said on Saturday that it did not comment on ongoing cases, and in a statement on Sunday said: “This case is nearing its conclusion, with instructions for the near future. This is an important case and one that the BHA is taking very seriously.

“Cases such as this can be complicated and involve significant legal representation. For parties to ensure fairness for the parties – including guidelines – should allow the media to be fully and privately owned.

“However, as is a common practice, and in the interests of openness and transparency, the BEA will publish the details of any case that will be heard before it, independent of its independent dispensary panel.

Nevertheless, the BHA was accused of being “completely out of control” by Daryl Cowan, an attorney for the two, who called the integrity department “inappropriate for purpose.”

Cowan also highlighted what he called the mysterious departure from the BHA, its integrity chief Chris Watts, who confirmed last month that the regulator was left after four years.

Cowan said on Sunday: “The BEA has completely lost control of this case. Under much of the BAEA’s judicial panel code, case papers that are relevant to the investigation, or are assumed to be, are strictly confidential.

“The BEA recognizes that the original line may have come from their own integrity department, and has been reported to the Information Commissioner. The data link is based on an investigation that is irrevocably uninterested in the conflicts of interests and iso-conflicts of interest.

“Much of the rule is broken by collecting professional and anecdotal evidence, including misinterpretation of evidence and selected amendments.

“In order to restrict that suspicion, we have been told that Chris Watts, the investigator, is no longer available and his investigation is being cross-examined and it appears that the BHA may have been carried out in mysterious circumstances. Its so-called integrity department has shown itself to be purposeful.

The two did not want to comment when contacted Saturday night, while Frost could not be reached for comment.

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