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Creed's "Five Day Christmas" is not a hit


On Tuesday, Taoiseach treated Dale with a bad pre-season release of the Twelve-day Christmas. With medical treatment. She dropped like a chocolate santa on a boiling radiator.

The Lead Varadkar's version had only five days in it, loudly accusing doctors and nurses of running away with the other seven.

Fortunately, he was not for him to receive the criticism personally. The hot geyser Leo was in Helsinki in what looked like a photographic workshop, took a photo with the Finnish prime minister in many places while unsuccessfully looking for a photogenic reindeer in his top jacket because he had to leave Eoghan Murphy's Home.

Opposition TDs could not wait to show his performance and were very disappointed when the Minister of Agriculture turned to accept brickbats in the name of his boss.

Little Michael Creed, who seldom drives away from his ministerial office, had several city deputies who fascinated him.

So is it an agricultural man? What's that? Do we understand him? Was he sleeping somewhere in bed or somewhere? Has he just emerged from hibernation?

The faith is very low. If it is not a subsidy, silage or feeding, she prefers this work and avoids the media reflector.

But Michael is a smart operator. He is articulate and clever and is not easy to set off. On Wednesday in Dahl, opposition TDs can talk to the wall as they try to get a rise from attacking the Taoiseach for attacking the doctor and nurses.

Fianna Fáilová, Sinn Féin, Labor and people before the queue gained complaints about Leo's comments, which preceded Michael Martin's questions about HSE's winter preparedness plan.

After a standard exposure to statistics, the Taoiseach said that these plans were not for many years, as hospitals are practically closed for most Christmas periods. Seven of the twelve days running in the New Year, he said.

We have to make sure that for the first time the radiological departments and laboratories are open and working with the full impact that consultants will not be in the first week of the year on holidays, especially those who work in the emergency department and the nurses will not the first two weeks of January on holiday. "

Straight face

David Cullinane of Sinn Féin (who is behind Mary Lou McDonald's) thought Taoiseach's remark was shameful. His attack on nurses and doctors was a "abusive attempt to move guilt" to overload the hospital from his own record at the Department of Health, along with the performance of his government and current minister.

The little speckled Creed calmly responded with a straight face.

What was Cullinane about? His leader strongly supported staff at the front and auxiliary staff.

"The reason the Taoiseach was introduced yesterday was that it was far from blackmail, it was for the HSE leadership."

"He did not say that," said Brendan Howlin.

The thing is, Called the Creed, we need proper leadership from the top of the HSE so that the "human resource" is managed as efficiently as possible.

The man Sinn Féin was suited to be tied up. "I was sitting here yesterday and I was listening to what Taoiseach said, and it's a million miles from the responsibility you gave today, not talking about health managers, talking about a nurse and a doctor's leave."

The minister had no idea where he got this concept.

Then Brendan Howlin confirmed that Leo said what he said about doctors and nurses who, after 39 years, "made a stunning discovery that Christmas is coming every December." While there may be room for a change in the Christmas season, it is a question of "management" that requires negotiations with trade unions "not the abuse of people in this Parliament or in public broadcasting waves."

Bríd Smith talked about the lack of nurses, especially in distress departments. Hospitals can not keep them because of low wages.

"Nurses still work in return for nothing in eight weeks and stick to them That night they have to go in and work at night and be absolutely zero Nobody in this Parliament would do it in fact I would argue that we are, what we do is well paid compared to the low wages they get for what they do. "

The irresistible belief has even outlined the government's policy quickly and easily.

Smith said that some specialties were offered another 7 euros per week – "with this increase in reward, you will not buy two beer beers, it's a total insult."

Her statement raised interest from all sides. The heap of men's voices rose as deputies debated the price of two pollens.

Ceann Comhairle had to bang his gong to restore order.

All Cork

Meanwhile, leader Fianna Fáil – whose initial question sparked controversy – was stuck in. Taoiseach "in the reaction has said to him," It's all a mistake for the nurses, it's the fault of the consultants. He offended you at the front – that's the bottom line, "said Micheal Martin, who worked with everyone until the stage where his the voice goes to full Cork.

"I asked him where the plan was." Do not remember your plan! "" I do not mind the plan that I created, "- he talked about his plan, he said plans for the past six years were useless. , what he said! "

As Micheal roared away, Marc MacSharry sat behind him, his hands folded, his face in place, his head nodding with a terrible intensity.

These workers deserve an apology from the government, Martin said. And by the way, when will we see this plan?

Creed quietly struggled with his understanding of the exchange. "I appreciate it being political to rely on what Taoiseas said to suit the political narrative."

"Read it," Martin shouted.

"I was here yesterday as you were, Deputy," Creed smiled.

"You should know," snapped Timmy Dooley.

"I think you have a strange story that you want to turn around, and that's all right, but Taoiseas did not blame doctors or nurses," the minister said when the chamber filled her ears with Fianna Fail's ears.

"Are you out of the mist, for God's sake?" Timmy shouted with excitement.

All the Taoiseach said that "critical meat" should be in service. This is not disproportionate, driven by Creed.

Poor Micheal was fit to be tied up. "But they're working on Christmas, do not you know?" Sisters and doctors work every Christmas, who the hell is holding the lights? "

"I very much appreciate it," the minister whispered.

Micheal sighed heavily. "Oh, come on."

No. Wait.

"What the Taoiseach is doing was the HSE's heavy management to make sure …" Creed began.

"He called sisters and doctors!" Timmy shouted, and in return he noticed a blank look.

Fianna Fail continued screaming. Michael Creed continued the game.

State Secretary Patrick O'Donovan struck the floor with leader Fianna Fáil.

"It was much better when you were here."

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