Wednesday , August 17 2022

European Super League "will not happen"


Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin says the European Super League "will not happen."

Ceferin and Andrea Agnelli, Chairwoman of the European Club Association, representing more than 200 top teams, have expressed their attitude clearly on the basis of the report that the escaped document revealed the secret discussions that took place after any new league competition.

"Super League will not happen," said Ceferin BBC Sport. "It's a fiction or a dream.

And the chairman of Juventus Agnelli added: "I can confirm that we have never seen, never talked, never participated in the creation of this document.

"We are fully involved with Uefa in shaping the game."

Both men insist that leading European clubs remain part of Uefy and at the same time have plans to overcome the European football scene since 2024.

Ceferin said, "We have some ideas, all I can say is that no Super League is out of the question, it's staying, and everyone will have the opportunity to compete in every European competition."

The third European competition to be held next to the Champions League and the European League will be confirmed next month, and Agnelli said: "It will be our duty to protect the great legacy of European football, but on the other hand, I think we are well aware that we have to protect markets, we need to think about emerging markets.

"We have to think of Poland. We have to think of (countries like) Turkey, we must think of Russia.

"Fans can be assured that if we try to make a new product, it's because we want to make sure fans from all over Europe are involved."

Ceferin and Agnelli meet with European Commissioner for Sport Tibor Navracsics on Tuesday.

"We want to show that our ideas about the future of football are, say, similar," Ceferin said.

"It's not the same. We (Uefa and ECA) have some disagreements from time to time, but we firmly believe together in the European sporting model.

"We think European football can only go on if we are together, united. If you want to develop football, you have to stay together."

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