Monday , September 26 2022

"Goodbye My Friend" – Emma Willis will say goodbye to Big Brother before the final


Emma Willis (PA)
Emma Willis (PA)

Emma Willis said goodbye to Big Brother before the last episode of the program.

The lecturer, who has hosted the reality show since 2013, has published a screenplay photo of the final on Monday night in the social media.

"Goodbye, my friend …" Willis, 42, wrote a message and added one emoji heart.

The show started on Channel 4 in 2000, but ratings have fallen in recent years, and in September of this year, Channel 5 announced that the 19th Series will be the last. Channel 5 took over the broadcast in 2011.

Former hostess Davina McCall also commented before the final.

Lecturer 51, who hosted 11 show series from 2000 to 2010, posted a video on Twitter from Manchester, where she filmed the Channel 4 game show The 100K Drop.

She said: "I'm in Manchester working on The 100K £ Drop, so I can not be with you tonight.

"I really wanted to come and greet, but I just wanted to say good luck to Emmy, you're awesome and great, good luck, Rylane, I know it will be very emotional, I hope you have a great night.

"Good luck to all the crew who are working so hard on the show, I know it's going to be hard tonight, but I'm sending you so much love."

The final of the first series on Channel 4 in 2000 attracted 9.45 million viewers, but the last episode of the last series broadcast on Channel 5 in 2017 was followed by just 1.11 million.

The final episode of Big Brother broadcasts on Channel 5 on Monday at 10 o'clock.


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