Tuesday , October 4 2022

Martin O'Neill takes over critics and believes Rice will decide by the end of the year


Martin O'Neill has returned to critics who believe he should have the future of Declan Rice's future with Ireland.

Neill now believes that Rice will make the final decision by the end of the year whether he will continue in the republic – after appearing in three friendly groups – or accept Gareth Southgate's invitation to join the plans of England.

O'Neill is skeptical about the news that Rice has met Southgate for the second time recently – and that the teenager was rocked by a statistical presentation where he would fit into a group of three lions.

"I do not think England would do more than take him there," he said.

"Obviously, if you bring someone, you will want to tell them where you feel they are placed.

"I do not think Gareth was gone and promised him the land.

"I think he said," You are a really decent player, look at the competition we have, but look at what you can do – then it's the decision for you. "

"I'd like to visit him again – and I'd like to do it.

"His father seems to be the right master and I am in touch with him. I feel he just wants to let things settle.

"Perhaps the ongoing contract is a part of his mind, and if he finally decided and it would be England, then I will keep it."

O Neill admits that in an historic case, the selection of England on the basis of final performance and good performance is stronger in England.

"Things must be considered," he said.

"Then, and nowadays, commercially, if it really happens, really strongly to the benefit of one person going to England, then it must be a consideration.

"I honestly do not think this is the main idea of ​​a family who wants to decide by the end of the year.

"England went to the World Cup semifinals and if you think you have a chance to play them, of course, these things have some influence on you.

"He was born in England. Sometimes these things are forgotten – but he was actually born there.

"The difference between him and Jack Grealis – and that may be a big difference – is that the family would want him to play for us.

"In Jack's case, the family wanted him to play in England."

It was argued that O'Neill could tie Old West Ham to Ireland by limiting him in a competitive game – qualifying the World Cup against Moldova in October last year.

Rice's first engagement with the older team in Ireland was, after five months, friendly against Turkey.

O Neill confused said: "When can I silence him? You have to deserve to get to the side.

"I have no difficulty in doing so, and I could also try to play a football match for sixteen years.

"Are you trying to win football matches – but will end 15 years of playing in competitive football just because they will play in Ireland for the next 15 years? You should not do that.

"Moldova: Before we played Wales, where we were desperate to win the game, it's a bit crazy.

"My job is to try to get some football matches and be competitive, letting a few players pass – and the players who go through will eventually win."

O'Neill believes that Rice could fight the Moldovan game if the consequences of the game were known.

"I just did not want him to slip into the pitch because he'd be aware of it," he said. "Players are well aware of the rules.

"Maybe he would say well:" Well, if I go here, I'll make a choice. "

"Maybe he thought," By the way, I do not want to be involved at all, because it could affect me. "

"Declan had to have these thoughts for a while."

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