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Live music selection: November 8 – 14 | Music selection Salt Lake City


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Death Valley Girls - MICHAEL HAIGHT

  • Michael Haight

  • Death Valley Girls

Death Valley Girls, Gymshorts, Brain Bagz

The video for the new Disaster Valley Girls is a direct shot of Iggy Pop, who gives her a snack from a paper bag. There are a few strange touches: Iggy lowers his hamburger in half and reaps him in a ketchup. (Seriously, who does it?) Surprisingly, he has been holding his shirt for almost four minutes. Just so we do not creep up, we're looking for symbolism, ugly saying: "I'm Iggy Pop and I ate a hamburger who was listening to Death Valley Girls." Thanks to the scene in the film by Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth from 1982, 66 scenes of America, in which Andy Warhol (surprise!) hamburger her. If nothing else, the video illuminates the space along the music spectrum the Death Valley Girls occupy: a bit rough around the edges to capture rock 'n' roll OG, like Iggy Pop, but enough artificial art school,. Suit based on L.A. is often referred to as "Witch Rock", probably because Bonnie Bloomgarden's precocious, almost theater vibrato is positively cool. In addition, he writes texts about brain food ("Unfold his forehead"). Death Valley Girls' sound is very much based on punk rock music, with chord powerful chords and amazing guitar scarecrows, but there's also a ghostly B-52 ghost. Death Valley Girls tour to promote a new album Light Rain with the support of Gymshorts and the local Brain Bagz. (Howard Hardee) City Lounge, 241 S. 500 East, 8 pm, 21+, $ 10 presale; $ 12 a day show,

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McCourys Travel - PATRICK MAY

  • Patrick May

  • Travel McCourys

Travelin 'McCourys, Larry Keel

One thing is to betray traditions and still remains relevant; it is different to take care of her inheritance and still maintains an individual identity. So be aware that Travelin 'McCourys has found a common thread that links with the presence. Ronnie and Rob McCoury were detained on a bluegrass sound that was helped by their dad, the legendary Del McCoury. Synergy persists, and although they still hold their position as their father's support group, they also tour under their own backgrounds with The Travelin 'McCourys. With Ronnie on Mandolin and Rob playing banjo, the brothers combine the basics of bluegrass with exciting energies that confirm the current confidence. Not that it was easy – though they started their executive career with Father Dela in their teens, they finally realized that at some point in the future their father would retire and have to establish their own identity. "We had to figure out something we could do while we were still playing with our father," they say in a report. "We do not want it to be Del-less McCoury Band." As a result, they travel in two directions, which they believe maintain family business, while the other says they are doing their own lofting industry. (Lee Zimmerman) State Room, 638 S. State, 9:00, 21+, $ 32,

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Kosha Dillz - WESTPHAL

SUNDAY 11/11
Kosha Dillz, Devmo, Stockton

Even as a hip-hop crackling into a million different genres of Internet, identity still matters. This is especially true for New Jersey rapper Kosha Dillze, who has built up a thriving career to play the role of a Jewish rapper – "not a Jewish rapper," because he likes clarification. It means singing in Hebrew, exploring its global responsibility as a double US / Israeli citizen, making improvisation in synagogues, and producing what he called "the most stereotyped Jewish envelope" for his debut album in 2004 as Kosha Dillz: Matzah Ball with a Matzah Piece in the mouth of the matzah ball and yarmulke on the top of the matzah ball.Influenced his year imprisonment for drug-related charges, the album was a tough boom-bap beats of the 90s but he cured religion with children's gloves while giving an ironic attitude to his Jewish identity creator. It is not about other records when Kosha Dillz faced resistance from intermediaries, record companies and rappers, many of whom claimed to be too Jewish for the Jewish crowd or not enough Jewish for a religious crowd. "Can Anti-Semitism Exist in Several Aspects?" he was thinking in 2016 Magazine Performing. "When the blocking in the box is so bad, why do I have this opportunity?" he continued and introduced the litany of recent awards. Kosha Dillz has emerged as one of the strongest advocates of the Jewish religion – the Roman spit and the fire of a breathing MC who is not afraid to talk with the hard truths and deal with latent discrimination. As a result of the largest anti-Semitic mass shooting in the history of the United States, his visit to Kilby Court is essential. (Nick McGregor) Kilby Court, 741 S. Kilby Court, 19:00, all ages, $ 13 presale; $ 15 a day show,

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Michael Franti - ANTHONY THOEN

  • Anthony Thoen

  • Michael Franti

Michael Franti, Carl Young, Victoria Canal

A musician, a philosopher, a lawyer, a spokesman, and a singer / songwriter, Michael Franti, always excelled in any way he has. In a common context, he is a lively cheerleader of anthemic proportions, listening to his listeners with a mix of funk, folk, rock and reggae. As a bare trumpadour, he traveled around the world with his band Spearhead. But his upcoming visit to Salt Lake City will find Franti's other role: a filmmaker with a particularly harsh message of hope, optimism and endurance that is particularly needed in today's turbulent times. Franti will be screening his movie Stay human, a document that illuminates individuals in places that are far away like the Philippines and South Africa, all have managed to overcome unfavorable events and create a positive experience for themselves and others in the process. Stay human also offers an insight into Franta's own journey that has taken him from early childhood challenges to eventual triumph in an effort to make music a life-call. After watching the film, there will be a screening and an acoustic performance that will offer the opportunity not only to know what it means to be human, when misfortune and ignorance allows hatred to overwhelm humanity, but also to spend time on an artist who is fully committed to this. Hopefully this belief will become infectious and also inspirational for others. (LZ) Theater Eccles, 131 S. Main, 20 hours, all ages, 35 to 45 dollars,

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Rubblebucket - SHERVIN LAINEZ

  • Shervin Lainez

  • Rubblebucket

Rubblebucket, Thick Paint, Tõth

It's strange that the Brouklyn artistic pop band Rubblebucket is still around. The primary members of Annakalmia Traver and Alex Toth were romantically involved for more than a decade but split between Traver's battle with ovarian cancer and Toth's long-standing struggle with alcoholism. A couple had Rubblebucket together and continued a musical partnership focusing on forward-thinking dance jams. "Being able to keep this friendship has allowed us to keep the musical aspect of our relationship intact," Traver said in an interview with Insert. "And that was always the most fun part." We're all better too. Since 2008, Rubblebucket has been releasing a steady stream of top neophycealism since 2008 Rose's dream, often including atypical rock instruments such as flute, trumpet and trombone. For the new album Sun Machine (Grand Jury Music), Traver said that Rubblebucket was trying to add to every song elements like a dream like "beautiful arpeggiated synthesizers with magic spells of fairy dust" and a strange interlude of the spoken word. On the headphones it makes a hyper-real experience. Sun Machine it is a kind of polished, highly faithful effort that will raise you, "How is this group infamous?" The slowing pop band Thick Paint from Omaha, Neb. A Tõth (Alex Toth's solo project) go first. (Howard Hardee) City Lounge, 241 S. 500 East, 8 pm, 21+, 16 dollars presale; $ 18 a day show,

Wednesday 11/14
Claudio Simonettiho Goblin

Halloween lives, even two weeks after the feast when Italian composer Claudio Simonetti and his band, Goblin, play their famous score for Dario Argento Suspicious along with the screening of the cult movie from 1977. The supernatural thriller, adapted to Thomas De Quincey's essay from 1845 Suspiria de Profundis (Sigh of the Deep), star Jessica Harper as an American ballet student who moved to the German dance academy, but soon meets with supernatural affairs. Now regarded as a momentary horror, Suspicious won several awards – and even inspired a remake of director Lucy Guadagnina in 2018, whose last film Call me by your name was a critical favorite in 2017 Suspicious has a soundtrack composed by Thom York from Radiohead, so Simonetti and his brothers Goblin face a high task with their own score for Suspicious towards. But on this seated event, horror becomes the backbone for avant-garde prog-rock, which creates emotional intensity and mental fear. "ForSuspicious, we have stayed in the studio for almost three months, "said Simonetti Noise in 2015. "We also experimented with various ethnic instruments like Greek bouzouki and Indian plaque and we used many different synthesizers. Suspicious is our masterpiece. "(NM) Metro Music Hall, 615 W. 100 South, 20 hours, 21 +, $ 28 presale; $ 30 door,

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