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Sir Jerry Robinson’s condolence statement nine


Sir Jerry Robinson, who died at the age of 72, was one of the clearest and most successful British business leaders of the 1990s, despite the branding of “Upstart Caterpillar” by John Cleese when he came to Granada. The position of the Chief Executive by Sunil Jandi surprised the media establishment. , Granada Television Owner. He later forged such a television career, advising commercials, and even an NHS trust, on the BBC NBC series.

As one of the first business people to be appointed chairman of the Arts Council in 1998, he organized it, controversially revamping its staff and bringing artists and artists to the newly formed council.

Jerry Dunfanaghy, born in Donegal, Ireland, was the ninth child of 10 of Elizabeth (nee Stewart) and Tony Robinson, a carpenter. When he was nine, the family moved to White Chapel, East London, and his father worked at the construction site. His family recognized his abilities. One described him as “always learning a little bit more from the person being the person to the person”. Another one remembers that when losing loser Jerry would always try to buy a lot of debt and Nedo and all hotels, later link to his later successful Blade Forte Hotel Empire.

At the age of 14, he attended St. Ann’s School, White Chapel, CD for St. Mary’s College, in the Grange over Sands, Cumbria, a seminary run by the Holy Spirit’s ancestors, and the founding pastor’s destination. But it turned out, the university refused to be called “more and more,” and Lesney, who joined Matchbox Games, joined Price Clerk, before taking a senior position in Lex vehicle leasing as the chief management accountant. The rising yen tree and, in 1980, the Grand Metropolitan, a collection of beverages and hotels.

He became the Managing Director of its Contracting and Catering Services division and in 1987 purchased £ 163 million as Compass Caterers, which paid him millions.

Four years later, when Alexander Bernstein, Granda’s chairman, was leading chief, a new chief executive, City Banker encouraged his appointment. Compass and Granada’s catering interests will merge years later.

Appointment Granta told television, second, so much so that when its chief executive, David Pilight, demanded Robinson to double its profits. When he replied that it was impossible and resigned, senior program officials sent a letter of protest stating, “Removing the effective and globally respected program of the winner of the Granada Group morals and intentions.” is the”.

Klaus was Ruther, sending a fax to Robinson and saying “Fuck her, you were, you are ignorant, upstart caterer.” Robinson would later pursue the church to make it up, but was admittedly surprised by the force of the reaction.

As television was strengthened, Granada captured the enemy of London Weekly Television, a highly regarded company. Robinson also kept an eye on the catering side and made a surprise bid for Fort Hotels in 1996, launching it in the morning when Rocco was away from shooting, and eventually winning the fierce competition. In seven years of structural and spare five years, the turnover of this grant benefited 1.4 billion euros from £ 4bn and an annual loss of 110 million pounds to 735 million pounds.

One Guardian headline called it “from a ruthless constitutional stock”, while some city analysts preferred the suspicious label “Fairground hypnotist”. But all too well recognized, a charisma and a desire to have a rare public talk in his contemporaries at the top of British business. He mixes it with a ready-to-wear outfit and a dishonesty that may offend his audience, often jealous of his million-pound annual salary, especially when he suggests that it is not necessary to have hours of the day. Work hours and relocate to Donegal, your original home. , From where he traveled this weekend.

His critics had a field day when he broke ranks with the Business Establishment عو publicly for Tony Blair’s New Labor in 1997, months after his land slide victory. As always frustrated, he said: “It was useful for Labor to have them as part of their PR. The Tory party was like Rorke’s Drift, it was all over the place. The thought of putting these lots in another term was unpleasant.

He would later oppose the idea that he was a “Tony Crony” when he was appointed to the Arts Council, claiming he knew him with difficulty. He became a party aide but was one of Labor’s four donors in 2008 who controversially announced that they would not contribute until Gordon Brown was elected.

During his time with Granada – chief executive until 1996 and chairman until 2000 – he had chats for the presidency of the ITN and BSKB. He briefly headed up Granada Compass, effectively his old company, when it moved from Granada to one of the world’s largest catering companies. In 2002, he took over the leadership of Allied Dominic, a beverage company that facilitated the occupation of Pernod Records three years later. His chair of the Arts Council ended in 2004, and he was knighted that year. Business success, however, was not unrelenting. His attempt to oust the chief executive of Rantocaille in 2005 and to take over as chairman failed.

Robinson’s fluency and clarity made him a prime candidate when the BBC wanted to bring the success of John Harvey Jones’ Trouble Shooter series, in which a successful businessman visited a company to suggest better management. The unpleasant name I Show Them Who’s Boss was aired in 2004, giving a thumbs up to Family Businesses, but received mixed comments.

The voice was misunderstood by declaring “Jerry Robinson is wealthy and ruthless” and his initial convincing method contradicted some bias. One family refused to have anything more to do with it and the program.

But in 2007, the series could fix Gary Robinson NHS? , Which advised the Rotherham General Hospital’s top management to reduce waiting lists in a successful campaign, was widely praised, and after the appearance of TV on TV. He was an afterthought speaker on the business stimulus circuit, arguing that “you will never succeed without successful and inspiring people,” and appreciates the value of common sense. He dismissed the criticism of high executive salaries on the basis that managing was an extremely important job.

Robinson was twice married to Ira Borg, in 1970, and later to divorce, in 1990, with Heather Lemmon. They set up a botanical garden, open to the public, in its 100-acre grounds, with a 4.5-km narrow gauge railway, the Dufflin Lake Railroad.

He is survived by Heather and his Sama Ern, Samantha and Richard, from their first marriage, and from April and Tim, his marriage.

Jerry Robinson, businesswoman and television personality, born 23 October 1948; Died 14 October 2021

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