Monday , September 26 2022

Already 125,000 Italians affected by flu, antibiotics only in severe cases – Health


Seasonal impact is about to come to life, and although the peak is expected in December, 125,000 Italians are already affected by the virus. Due to the predictable increase in the number of cases over the next few weeks, infectious diseases warn about how to cure: the use of antibiotics, caution is recommended only in the case of complications, while the vaccine remains the main preventive tool.

"In Italy – explains Massimo Andreoni, Professor of Infectious Diseases at Tor Vergato University in Rome and Scientific Director of Simit, the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases – Influenza viruses work at the base levels, so we are at the beginning of the Flu epidemic Especially in the last week of October the total incidence has reached 1.17 cases per 1,000. The number of cases estimated last week was about 71 thousand, total "beginning of observation, about 125 thousand cases. At this time, it is difficult to see how many this year will be certified cases of influenza , but will probably not deviate from those of last year that were more than three million.

Influenza has always been consistent with a disproportionate increase in antibiotic use: "It must be remembered," Andreoni writes, "that influenza is a viral disease, and therefore antibiotics that act against bacteria have no indication. Therefore, they can only be used in complex cases and in medical In all other cases, the drugs to be used are anti-inflammatory in the upper respiratory tract and antipyretics. "Vaccination is a major tool for the prevention of influenza: the vaccine is suitable for all persons over 6 months of age. after vaccination and lasts 6-8 months, so vaccination is needed at the beginning of each new influenza season. "These days, therefore, it becomes" fundamental, "that people at risk, especially the elderly, are vaccinated to find themselves in the coming weeks protect when the maximum is reached and hydrophilic circulating influenza viruses. "


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