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Anas, CEO of Armani will resign. Toninelli: «The wind is changing here»


ROME – this time, it was not necessary to have a political diet similar to that which was organized for the right to resign from the Ferrovie summit. In the case of Gianni Vittorio Armani, one of the Anas, it was enough for Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli to move and ask for his resignation and acquisition. The outgoing Chief Executive of the National Road Organization also shares a "mistake" with Renato Mazzoncinio, former head of the Fs, in which the company proposed a merger between Anas and Ferrovia. A project launched last year with the blessing of the Gentiloni government. On December 29, 2017, a little "in extremism, the Fs Assembly took the decision to raise capital by € 2.8 billion to Anas' contribution, and also to the timely resumption of the summit, and in fact, Mazzoncini's confirmation, which ended otherwise in the spring of this year, day after the general election.

The dual mounting passage immediately entered the M5S viewfinderso much so that after the start of the government Gialloverde immediately began to insist on Mazzoncini, with attacks and express criticism of the integration of Fs and Anas, also from the front of the league with the suggestions of the Deputy Minister of Transport Edoardo Rixi and the representative of the Army of Siri. The dynamics that led to the resignation of the entire board of the railway group at the end of July was declared void under Frattini's law. Meanwhile, Armani headed Anas (as well as Chief Executive Officer), with the certainty of a failure to integrate into the railways, and the knowledge that the new CEO wants to cancel the operation.

The idea of ​​a national infrastructure player has lost, unless Minister Toninelli has defined a new route that Anas will be assigned to. Contact the last few hours and ask Armani to resign, is a prelude to the board's renewal, and Vera Fiorani and Antonella Andrea resigned in the evenings, leaving the whole board disappearing. Next week a new summit will be announced and the ministry will filter out that it will be the name of the new CEO.

What is certain, it is a sleek, stringy, note about Armani to disclose his resignation "with regard to the change of government's focus on the integration of Fs Italiane and Anas" was not applauded. Toninelli relied on social networks to emphasize: "In Anas, the wind changes, we have left waste, wages and purely financial maneuvers in the past, and in the future we are working on the new Anasi with fewer people behind the table and more technicians who design, build and maintain road safe ".

The hard words that are with the Senator M5S couple Elio Lannutti"Finally, Armani resigned, but he does not believe that everything is going to be forgotten: M5 will verify the correctness of contracts concluded by ANAS in Italy and abroad – he announced – we filed a question about M5, a question signed by 50 MEPs and leader of the Stefano Patuanelli group, we have condemned the inconsistencies and iniquities of his leadership. "

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