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Battaglia Sala-Di Maio: fury and strategy, so the mayor moves from the leader (though he denies it)


Do you study as a national leader? If someone asked a direct question today, Mayor Beppe Sala of Milan, she would probably respond by paraphrasing the words of Jessica Rabbit: "They are the others who drew me too." On the contrary, when I questioned the direct question a few days ago, the drought replied: "If I had thoughts about a political career, I would have stopped myself, I would concentrate on Milan." But the facts tell the whole story. In the ambitious emptiness of the opposition to the yellow-green government, Beppe Sala, victorious, is increasingly becoming the duo Di Maio-Salvini antagonist. More Di Maio Salvini testifies to the latest controversy over closing deals. However, the final result does not change.

His role is almost obligatory. On the one hand, the absolute indifference of the government to the demands of the city. In the six months, neither the Minister of Infrastructure nor the Minister of Economic Development has given Milan two key roles for the Milan economy. Not to mention the Prime Minister: "Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez came to office and the next day he came to Milan to meet me – Sala reported a few days ago – while Conte came secretly without reason to call me to see us, It's not an insult for me, but for the city. "More than suspicion is the assurance that Milan is the last big red fortress to be released by closing the capital from the investment and turning the deaf ear to every request of the Lombard capital. On the other hand, the disorientation that dominates the center of the left camp of Agramante is confronted with congresses, streams and secretaries.

The hall repeats itself for several weeks that people on the left do not care about the primary: "I think people are now struggling to understand their meaning, also because they are usually shrinking to the battles between the currents," he stressed yesterday. The theme for Sala is another: identification of his program and opposition to defending the interests of a part of the country that is not recognized in the new government.

Combination – the will to confront the problems and indifference to the fate of the city – which led him to assume a role that exceeds that of the mayor of Milan. A role that can not exist without the pressure of a city that is experiencing a moment of grace. Still, Sala, when the government took the first steps, was always very cautious. "Let them work" was a low continuation of his statement. Up to six months, the situation has degenerated into Rosin's rise.

Salvini attacks on the security order: "It creates illegal immigrants and pours the whole issue on the mayors' shoulders." Attacks the government to pension reform: "It does not make the interests of young people". Bubble Five star "Incompetence" and the League of Cryptosfasm. Government critics of the lack of economic support for Milan and Cortina's candidacy at the Olympic Games in 2016. "I'm a little complain, but not frigno – the Mayor said in the last few days – if he ever highlighted himself by showing the city's vision by 2030, he will always be Milan. "And perhaps Sala, long before 2030, will be the leader of the opposition Willy-nilly.

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