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broken windows, wounded passengers


Whirlwind on a train in Catanzaro: broken windows, passenger injuries

Fear on board train local Catanzaro Lido-Crotone. whirlwind this morning the convoy reached the railway station in Roccabernard. The wind thrust the train, which fortunately. stayed on the rails. Several windows were broken, some were injured among the passengers, two of them were taken to the hospital but seriously not reported by firefighters. In place, beside the Crotone Fire Department and the Sellia Marina Department, the Trenitalia engineers struck.

The convoy affected by the windstorm was moved to Botricello (Catanzaro) station in order to free the railway and restore the transit terni. Since then, Catanzaro Lido has left another convoy that will come aboard the passengers of the disaster protagonists and will continue on the way to the finish.

Another train of Southeast Railways It is stuck in Salento, at the height between Parabita and Tuglie, after a collision with a large tribe of old pine trees thrown on the breezes by the wind of rain that struck early in the morning in the area. There were no passengers on the train and the driver was not injured. In the crash of the tree, the front littorine carriage, which traveled at low speed, was completely destroyed. According to the first reconstruction, Littorina started at 6.15 from Casarano to Lecce. During the ride, the driver stood in front of the rudder about 50 kilometers per hour. He tried to brake without success and hit a tree stuck under the tractor. Meanwhile, tribal removal operations began, and Ferrovie Sud-Est organized an all-day bus service in the Parabita-Tuglie section along the Nardò-Casarano railway line.

Bad weather affects mainly municipalities located south of Salento: Enel trees, posters, rods and wires, especially on provincial road 361, which connects Collepasso with Parabit. In the latter village, the fortune of fortune was removed from the level crossing. But many olive trees were uprooted by the wind between Galata and the village of Noha. Damage also to Aleja and the outskirts of Cavallino in the business park area.

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