Wednesday , October 5 2022

GF Vip, Giulia Salemi mimics the look of Cecilia Rodriguez: it's controversy on social media


During the eighth episode great brother vip, the look it uses Giulia Salemi has been the subject of much debate about social media.

The Persian model presented itself in front of the black-colored cameras, the hair tied with the end, the perfect make-up, and the large circle earrings. The special equipment left by Salemi is a little confused. He immediately thought of one of the looks he had chosen himself Cecilia Rodriguez during the live broadcast of GF Vip 2. The choice was not denied by the people of the site who immediately commented on all with ironic phrases and arrows. Fans of Belen's little sister were the main goals of the reality show contestant Canale 5 [VIDEO],

However, this question has attracted many people and amused the audience. Some social networking users were wondering if Cecilia had replaced Giulia at Cinecittà's home. Others instead suggested that the way to do Salemi is to just conquer Francesco MonteIf the dress chosen by Giulia Salemi was deliberately wanted, we definitely can not know, but he does a lot of discussion at these times.

The passion between Giulia and Francesca has disappeared

After the hijacking Alfonso Signorini to the couple MonteSalemi, it seems that the passion between the two roommates has faded away. At the end of Monday, November 5, after kissing, Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi [VIDEO], continued the exchange of pampering under the leaves.

For both boys, verbal intelligence actually tried to poison words. Signorini defined Salemi as a Persian carpet. As for Monte, instead, he invited him to stop pretending to be good for Giulia if he did not feel like continuing. Who knows what the judge of the director who, did not make a couple.

Walter Nudo justifies the behavior of Francesco Monte

Walter naked was one of the first to undergo an explosion Francesco Monte, Tarantino admitted to his roommate that he had suffered a lot from his ex-girlfriend. With these words, Nudo tried to draw conclusions by explaining to him: "It must be very difficult for Francesco to see Cecilia's pictures everywhere in the house, and he got it, the woman he wanted to take left him for another man. his fears have come ".

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