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Google Maps, you can report speed cameras and accidents


November 7, 2018 – After various tests, Google finally thought about inserting it into the next update Google Maps, its application of digital cartography, new features for report real-time speed cameras, places of enforcement and accident,

After reading these lines, you are thinking Waze? You are not about to stay on this topic. Because in 2013, Mountain View has purchased the Navigator application, which provides real-time reporting of accidents, flash cameras, and unexpected events on the street, many thought it was listed on the most famous Google Maps in the near future. Yet it did not happen. In recent years, Waze has helped many drivers and those who work for hours on the road and want to Stay informed about traffic, incomplete traffic and electronic speed checksBut now Mountain View has decided that the time has come to bring the same features on Maps, so here it is, for those who do not know them, how to learn how to use them,

How will new Google Map features?

Speed ​​cameras and Waze accidents are reported by the user community which uses the application and the same method, will also be used with real-time mobile and real-time traffic on Google Maps. To report an accident or a checkpoint, just press the + button on Google Maps and report to other users the type of danger or cause of delay. Accidents and speed cameras reported by other users will appear displayed directly on maps on which we navigate with a special symbol.

New Waze style features on Google Maps are still being tested, but Mountain View should release them in the next update of their map application both on Android devices, iPhone and iPad. Google has recently included a number of enhancements and new features for its application to Maps not only for drivers, but also for commuters and people using public transport.

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