Tuesday , January 18 2022

"I expect a strong Udinese, here are the cats and the russian"


Eusebio The Farsusco He met the journalist in a press conference with the match against Manchester's Texas Technical Center. Earlier morning in the morning, the last training session was announced that immediately sent to the dairy. Here are the statements:

How does Rome reach this challenge?
We're absolutely fine without being hurt.

Will you meet the Punjab
Of course, a team that has great nature. He is not worth getting lost in the last games. I know my coach, well-known Dude, I met a lot of times and would try to go to my place.

How is the injury
Kulevof is fine, he had a fever. We got a little upset in the past and for the past. Patty can return to the Champions League after the college can return to DC. I do not want to play a half-game field, it is better to work them during training.

Here's the Full Press Conference of Eusebio Di Francesco

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