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"I'm on my feet, cancer will not remove the desire to fight"


Medium - Satyry - Only Articles - October 15, 2018 Medium - Satyry - Only Articles - October 15, 2018

Leonardo Cenci is already standing. After hospitalization in the last few days due to the sudden deterioration of cancer, which caused loss of vision and voice, treatment of the oncology department came into force. So the Peruvian athlete, who has become a symbol of fighting this disease with his brand new association, is back to be heard in the social media.

I will not stop "In these 72 hours of oncology hospitalization – it's on Facebook – as you can see, though with toughness and so much effort I'm on my feet after a sudden increase in cancer that caused me a lot of damage, but for those three days he did not get the desire I really do not have to do that, and I really believe it never succeeds Living in a bad cancer in a quiet way – continues – to feel the love of my parents and people who love me, the support of each of you who with your prayers "with commentary or with" like " feel loved and happy ".

Days of rest "And then Leo continues – it is a good God who gave me a huge cross that could wear his shoulders, perhaps because he knew in his heart that despite everything I could give to other emotions and positive messages. take the stage of rest, so that I can go back to strength and tell you that with my heart do not leave me that without your affection and your support, I probably could not deal with this ugly cancer with the same determination, can understand the "guest" that I will do to him tribulation, and not before I make my life better? "

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