Wednesday , October 5 2022

Moved by Nino d’Angelo Mara Veneer, Napoleon’s singer brings his own drama


The Napoleonic artist Mara Vener talks about herself in the television living room, especially describing a challenging period in her life.

Nino D’Angelo He was a guest of honor on Dominica Anne Rye. In answer to questions from Napoleon singer Comey Mara Wiener He brought some stories of his life. Today’s childhood is also poor. “We don’t celebrate birthdays: We live in a community building, I love the word. My friends were as poor as me and we were competing to see who lost the lost one!General Chat Chat Lounge Still, he acknowledges that he spent the best moments, especially in this case: “I have never been to the beautiful weight of happiness: when you are poor, when they give you something, it was beautiful! You will never touch that happiness. “ He acknowledged.

Then came this life of the most difficult moment of your life when the parents died 11 months later. A double tragic event that turned the artist into a drama DepressionGeneral Chat Chat Lounge “I do not want to disappoint anyone, you other vanity. Those were the hardest years, I could see nothing and hear “. Nino said swinging eyes with tears. “Now I’m better! I had 4 grandchildren, a beautiful one as well as a beautiful one! These are real antidepressants! “General Chat Chat Lounge

Afterwards, the singer dedicates a piece to “Nu Jeans e Na Maglietta” for his hit hit, “Historical Witness”:I wrote nine jeans and a t-shirt in a moment of simplicity, and my wife was washing the floor. ” Descended upon the host. He and his beloved Anamaria Gallo, whom Aunt Mara also dedicated an ing video, have been together for over 40 years.We ran and took our son to our wedding, in the womb. What a beautiful life I have lived! Even with depression, Annamaria didn’t even give me a second! “.

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