Wednesday , October 5 2022

On the market first, treatment "Shernon" will double sales in five years


"It's a huge business challenge, but the Mercatone Uno is known for 30 years (I was also a supplier of the group) and the acquisition
it is the result of an accession process that lasted over two years during the Commissioner's term. I'm at the rudder for less than three
months and with due care. The first objective is to secure the circuit of the company, then restart,
with the aim of doubling turnover from 2022 to $ 50 billion ». Do not forget to improvise
from the words of Valder Rigoni, CEO of Shernon Holding, newly established with a partner and school colleague at Michael School
On August 9, Tahlmann acquired 55 Mercatone Uno stores all over Italy (47 plants)
except the Imola headquarters and a 50,000-square-meter logistics platform in Bologna for a total of 1885 employees.

Rigoni's industrial plan provides 25 million euros of investment to revitalize the Imola brand that it has created
history of retail made in Italy and this is still the third sector brand in Italy in terms of reputation and turnover. But three
years of extraordinary administration, two unsuccessful calls for tender and long private negotiations is essential
restore "the know-how and enthusiasm of the employees who are the real estate of the company – says Rigoni – why
we intend to significantly revive the brand in the market, improve the offer and position, for
adapt it to a new lifestyle and consumption. "This means a complete restoration of all 55 stores that will become
more and more experiences where you will find ideas, inspiration and social spaces (from master courses to cooking to corner courses)
families). "And this means a unique and unique product catalog that adapts in real time
consumer trends through partnerships with leading European groups in furniture manufacturing and distribution (Poles
Black Red White, Turks Dogtas Kelebek). So how do we boost online sales and, in general, multichannel,
supplied by CEO of Shernon, 100% controlled by Maltese Star Alliance.

"The headquarters in Malta is linked to the desire to bring Mercatone out of the state once it is completed
revival in Italy, "reassures the new entrepreneur of the group known as" Ikea Italian Furniture ", who founded the family
He tries to come to glory along with the Pantani pirate, who celebrates its 35th anniversary this year and will come to this day
in Italian households with a new catalog (more than 5 million copies), which already represents many of the registered transformations
Shernon, based on an assortment of products that can be purchased on a 2-channel channel (offline and online). Password
it is an omnichannel, from e-commerce to physical stores (600,000 square meters of retail space), from social media
on the mobile platform, from the expansion of the reality to the walls that will be installed in the next few weeks
the first trades and will allow the expansion of business supply by reducing inventory. "Security in price and quality,
maintaining traditional comfort, but with new aesthetic design care, clear location, simplification
purchase to sales, attraction. We want to convince customers to leave the computer screen and visit
a retail space that creates a modern retail experience, "concludes Rigoni, who finances a reboot, uses a call
on real estate or the sale of real estate company assets and then feeding operations with a premium

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