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Room Escapeor, 4 Precautionary Steps – Ultima Aura

(ANSA) – Romeo, 12 sets – Police, prosecuted by the prosecutor's office
Of the Republic, taking a measure of order
Caution disqualified, unlike four people
Regarding the failures, Metro Roma employees and Atak's two Atac
At Rome, the Repubblica and the excavators of Graham Station
Barberini. The allegations are that the public is being deceived
Aggravated negligence personal injury and injury. The operation, however,
Then the morning funding is continued by the squad and Sind
Agent of the civil community, sheds light on that reason
Until the events of October 23 last year,
Some CSRA Moscow fans were involved in the outbreak
Take the escalator to the Ribbolka station. Some of them
They were also injured. Permission is also given for investigation
Delay the causes of error, always in escalators, but
It currently stops at the Barberini stop on March 21.