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Salvini at Isoardi: "I loved and forgiven, he had other priorities" – Tv


"The desperate day of work in Africa on immigration and security, but the phone from Italy will ring me for more …". Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini writes about Instagram that he emphasizes on the break with Elizabeth Isoardim: "I have never put my private life on the streets for education, nature and respect, now I will not do it, Italians are not interested." Then the leader of the League adds, "I loved, I forgave myself, I certainly made mistakes, but I believed it to the end." Pity someone has other priorities.

Matteo Salvini and I left two months and a half before it was decided, which shows that, unlike what they say gossip, I have never used our relationship, which I repeat, it was a great love. "So Elisa Isoardi confirms exclusively the weekly Chi, the reasons for a break with Matthew Salvin, who has been working for almost three years, and in the weekly magazine by director Alfonso Signorini, lecturer La Prova del Cuoco explains:" Our love story has been closed for some time: the truth is that we have left two and a half months, What was the reason for our decay? The distance caused by too many obligations of both. "Weekly Chi also shows how the story has prolonged the stalker's shadowy shadow." In the last few days, Isoardi has always been photographed next to a man, Andrea Spano: he's the collaborator he hired when he was the victim of a serious episode of surveillance that has been going on for 10 years. the follow-up of this person (already convicted for injury) has recently increased, thereby creating an eagerness for the conductor until he attempted to enter the RAI studio a few days ago, and the complainant lodged a complaint at Porta Pia police station in Rome.

The story between Elisa Isoardi and Matteo Salvini ends again in the social cyclone. Dissolve there from the net and bring to flight hastag # Isoardi among the top trends is a romantic shot from a couple on Instagram accompanied by versions of the poet and composer Gio Evan, who seems to announce that the connector has ended. "It was not what we missed, but what we should give up again, Gio Evan, with great respect for the true love that was there, thanks to Matteo," writes La prova del cuoco. On another occasion, Isoardi's attitude unleashed socially on Salvini's farewell hypothesis: a photo with a serious and distinctive face was published, accompanied by the text of a prayer dedicated to Mary, which melts the nodes. The messages of encouragement and criticism were flawed, but they did not abandon them altogether. Who knows how this will end this time …


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