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Serie A, Napoli-Torino 1-0: Spalti remain top of table only | the news


Insigne gets the penalty saved in the first half, but Osimhen’s shot in the 81st minute allows Tuscan coach to equal Surrey’s record: wins in the first half of the day.

جي AAnd ats what 1-0 جي Torino And stays on top of the Serie A with full points in the Serie A position. Napolitano apparently appears at the end of the Cursed Match, which opens. The lake was missed by Insigne (27 ‘), continued col The goal was denied to Lorenzo (57 ‘) and with the pole Lozano (63 ‘), but which has been decided by a Osimhen’s Pumpkin S”81 ‘. Spitali equals Surrey’s record eight wins in the first eight days.General Chat Chat Lounge


Napoleon’s race did not stopGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Azuri responded to Milan’s return success and did so by quoting it 17/18 Extraordinary start to the season, Who finished with a record of 91 points and a squad last season until the last breath. Napoleon fans will have plenty of time to make the necessary congestion, but in the meantime they enjoy one. And increasingly not convincing fact: Pure doubt, and pitylessness. Which lies on the African axis Senegal-Cameroon-Nigeria KoolabaliCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD انگوايسا e OsmineOwners and drivers of group, yachts and leaders, leaders and drivers are able to prove themselves when other unit skills (see this case) Insigne and Politano) Do not run your best.

The starting rhythms are relatively mild, even by conditioningImmediate injury to Mandragora, Was forced to leave the field just 8 سبب after his right knee caused a numbness (Kone in his place). The first chance is for the hosts, with Osmine The opponents have to defend the ball between the three opponents and let a Go right outside the city of Tehran, Which ses on the left side of Milinkovic-Savic near the pole. The reaction of Taurus is with A The head of the Burmese At the corner of Ospina, the central and easy-to-develop unit of hunting. The match does not shine for intensity, but as the minutes pass, Napolea grabs the center of gravity and grabs the edge of the game. 20 ‘ Osmine He does excellent with his head from a superb position, but the real big chance is to block him in the 26th minute. One of the stupid Kone ocks in the Why Lorenzo area And Sachi immediately points HardnessGeneral Chat Chat Lounge It will appear on the disk Badge, Which, however, spoils the bad lyrics with easy saving of Nodia. The third mistake was made for him this season, of five penalties. Spalti’s men do not bring themselves down and continue to attack with their heads, but are no longer capable of presenting themselves dangerously on the goalkeeper’s side. The people of Juric defend themselves either in a more systematic or less systematic way, dodging some of the best responsive attacks in the sensationally open field. The final shock unforgettable first half in terms of ability, but still quite dynamic.

Two minutes into the half and Napoli unlocks it, still enjoying a free kick. The entry of Mario Rooi on Kiao’s hand Di Lorenzo, Which inks Milinkovic with his head, but after the celebration the curve shows it Cancel the net for a few centimeters to one side of the varGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Spalti delves into the arena Lozano It only takes a few minutes for a lazy Politano and Mexico to immediately become dangerous for another tree. Paulo Right after Long. The match was suddenly fast and in the 65th minute it was Toro who was very close to scoring: Y: Great slalom off Brake And a sure shot is rejected by a few steps Superb illustration of OspinaGeneral Chat Chat Lounge A little later, the 20 ‘moment arrived Belotti, Returned to the field after about two months, but when evening seemed a disappointing road to 0-0-0. The decisive blow from OsimhenGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The Nigerian man makes a fortunate return after a wonderful game Mertens And the big goalkeeper punch with his goal is to give his team a goal that allows them to keep everyone looking at this look.

report card

Osmine 7 – He works alone, deepens the team, opens up places for his teammates and even earns some personal opportunities. Brammer holds him in the 81st minute as he aims to bring Maradona down.
Badge 5 – Bad punishment: Punishment that can lock up a tough match, then get nervous and yank and miss a lot of theaters.
Kulibali 7 – Yet one of the greatest defensive tests yet, with the recovery of the experienced ball at the edge of the opponent’s area that begins the decision-making process.

Burmese 7 – This is the extra weapon of a team that, despite struggling in the offensive zone, has confirmed that it is very strong. If Toro has the third best defense in the league, he is above the top because of his extraordinary ability. Osimhen’s goal is to destroy otherwise perfect report evenings.
Sanabria 5 – In a match of trouble he finds himself a little oned, without having the skills to select the team that best suits him. He misses good chances at the break in the first half.
Sango 6,5 – An evening in which the team is forced to attack aggressively to defend itself, this is one of the few that creates some fear in the opponents. This happens dramatically in the first half.

The table

Naples-Turin 1-0
Naples (4-2-3-1): Ospina 6.5 de Lorenzo 6.5, Rahmani 6.5, Coulibaly 7, Mario Cue 6.5 Anguessa 6, Ruiz 5.5 Politano 5.5 (13 ‘st Lozano 6.5 (44’ st Jesus sv)), Zielinski 5.5 (26 ‘st Mertens 6.5), Insigne 5 (26 ‘st Elmas 6); Osmine 7.
Instructor: Spital 6,5
Torino (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic 7 Djidji 6.5, Bremer 7, Rodriguez 6 (21 ‘st Buongiorno 6); Singo 6.5, Lukak 6, Mandragora sv (8 ‘Kone 5 (45’ st Warming sv)), Anna 5.5 Linetty 5 (22 ‘st Escape 6), Brekalo 6 Sanabria 5 (22’ st Bellatti 6).
Instructor: Judicial 6
The referee: ack
Markers: 36 ‘Saint Osimhen (N)
Immunitis: Rodriguez (T), Linetty (T), Pobega (T), Koulibaly (N), Anguissa (N), Belotti (T)


– Napoli have made the best start to their history in Serie A: the first wins in league playoff wins in 2017/18.
ap Napoli is the only team in the top five European Championships 2021/22 that have played the same games (8/8).
Karim has just scored Karim Benzema (seven) and Erling Holland (h) in the top five European leagues from Victor Osiman (five) to September 1 and October 2021.
کان Returning to the Serie A in the 2007/08 season, Napoli are a team that missed five penalty shots in five major European leagues (35).
ore Lorenzo Insigne is the player who missed six penalties (three) in the top five European leagues this season.
ja Wanja Milinković-Savić rescued his first of four faces in the Serie A: The last Torino goalkeeper was Salvatore Serego in September 2019 to save a shot of eleven meters in the top flight of Italy.
ie th th penalty from the A’s 26 attempts for Lorenzo Insigne in Serie A: Of the top five in this league, the Italian forward has only scored.
13 Torino Serie A (4N, 9P) 13 13 games against Napoli haven’t won in games. Rick has collected one-handed grenades and more games in a row without success in the Italian Top League against Napoleon: 15 (10N, 5P) in December 1971.
The interconnection of Rolando Mandragora in the K-minute was the fastest alternative to the current Serie A.

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