Wednesday , August 17 2022

White bow to sensitive kerase for lung cancer –


November is a month devoted to lung cancer awareness initiatives, an annual event that aims to raise the public's awareness of the pathology that makes progress in molecular biology and immunotherapy possible to increase the healing prospects or long-term disease.

Sensitization also goes through symbolic initiatives. Alcase Italia launches "Illumina Novembre": it's a white light issue with white bows or balloons part of the territory, whether it's a memorial, a balcony, a fountain, etc.
Also, Cherasco, as well as Bra, are following this initiative this year, and throughout the month of November will be a balcony on the town hall's balcony.

"Unfortunately, lung cancer – explains the Commissioner Marella Fumero is deprived of collective imagination in a negative sphere, known as smoker cancer, many think they can not be cured. This base wants to overcome clichés and everyone realizes that a lung cancer patient is treated as well as other patients with other types of cancer".

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