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Honda F1 "Lack of speed has reached points as a package" 【】


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Toyosuke Tanabe, Technical Director of Honda Formula One, looked back at the Toro Rosso Honda F1 Brazil GP final race.

Toro Rosso Honda started to race from the 9th Grille Pierre Guthrie and the 16th Glee Blendon Hartley. Guthrie ran in the point range on the first stint.

However, after changing the tire I was unable to dig up, Brennon Hartley finished 11th and Pierre Guthrie finished 13th. I could not get points.

"Today we both finished but we were not fast enough to score points as a package and we could not protect Guthrie's network position," Toyohja Tanabe said.

"We have the only race to go, but we will analyze the data we have this weekend and prepare for the final race."

"Finally, I would like to congratulate Honda on behalf of the Mercedes Team, which has now won the design championship."

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