Monday , October 3 2022

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Continuation of the advertising label Mrs. Satsuki Katayama

Katsuama Katasama, on February 7th, accepted the prosecution of Nobuyy Adachi of the National Democratic Party that the advertising billboard of Mr. Katayama's Saitama City book is suspected of violating the law on elections to the public It was. Mr. Jan Katayama explained in January 2016 that the publishing house was founded by him. "It's a book advertising, it's not a sign of political activity."

Adachi stressed that the billboards have a length and a width of more than 1 meter. The name was written along with face photographs in large dimensions and criticized as "It is an obvious publicity for politics."

General Affairs Minister Ishida Masatoshi said that, as a general theory, there are regulations concerning the tables describing the names of candidates in the election law.

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