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Sharp, an Echoes 4K racer that features a "4K broadcast class" – and a BD / Tertiary digital program for viewers.

Sharp will be releasing a new model equipped with "AQUOS 4K Records" and a newly developed high quality engine from October 24. The lineup includes three models: 4TB HDD equipped model "4B-C40BT3", 2TB "4B-C20BT3", and 1TB "4B-C10BT3". All prices are open prices. Expected store stock prices are 140,000 yen for 4 TB, 110,000 yen for 2 TB and 100,000 yen for 1 TB.

4 TB DD "4B-C40BT3"

A successor AT3 series was released in November 2006. Ascos is the second generation model of the 4K recorder with 4K tuner.

Functions and functions such as a 4D tuner and a new engine that is broadcasting BD / Terrestrial digital at 4K broadcast level, storage work to store smartphone still images and video, voice operation, and playback support. In terms of levels for 4K record disks by other companies, the company has raised the level higher than the previous model. The only difference between the three models is HDD capability, and doesn't change the information such as performance, functions, and input / output terminals.

2 TB D "4B-C20BT3" (left photo) and 1 TB "4B-C10BT3" (right)

Sharp's first 4K record dub record. PublicBook for "4K Record BD" performed by other companies

Specification of the first double 4K tuner of the AQUOS 4K record. There are three terrestrial / BS / 110 DSL digital tuners that can archive a 4K broadcast return program, 4K recording together 2K, and 3K recording 2K simultaneously.

Supports 4K broadcast dual recording

4K is recorded in broadcast mode. In general, 12K long time recording of 12K broadcasts also helps.

The write time of 4K videos is about 262 hours for 4TB "C40BT3", about 2 hours for 2TB "C40BT3" and about 64 hours for "C10BT3". You can record up to 4KV broadcasts sold separately to a single USDD, but SeeQVault HDD is limited to recording to 2K broadcasts.

The DRD method in the RFR program is connected to BDD, and it is 4K%, and through software, it is possible to replace it with MPH4-ANC compression (constant speed). And it's possible to record at 2K resolution.

The TS system has previously been used for BD recordings, but the new model also supports 4kg BDL recordings through MMT / TLV systems approved by other companies (Panasonic and Mitsubishi). "The basics are" automatic recording and playback ", and playback is not necessarily guaranteed, but we decided that 4K recorded BDs must improve playback compatibility, and that they are equipped with the TLV playback function.

In addition, the first generation of multivariate performance has been improved from generation through algorithm auditing. Completed performance tasks, such as 2K channel 4K program recording, rating recording and need to be run on the back of an ultra-high Blu-ray. "Functions such as the auto-chapter are also included in the program. The only limitation is that 4K + 4K + 2K is not possible during the track record of HTTP."

Upgrade output, brightness, color gamut, bit depth and 4k broadcast surface frame rate.

Another important topic is the new installation of Video Engineer "4K Master Engineer BDemium".

New Video Engine "4K Expert Engineer BD-Premium"

By adding new signal processing, which factors in determining quality (factor, brightness, color gamut, bit depth, frame rate), 2K broadcasts and BD 4K broadcast specifications can be changed (4K / 60p, 10bit, HDR, BT.2020) and make it a "4K broadcast class" beauty. In the case of 4K / SDR, it can be converted into 4K / HDR signal and output.

Adopt five elements (resolution, brightness, color gamut, bit depth, frame rate)

"The previous resolution, bit depth and frame rate were changed, but newer models added a brighter conversion of the color gadget conversion from SDR to HDR10 and BT.709 to BT.2020. The range extension is often a function of the TV side. Has been installed, but there is no other record that can convert and output the signal itself, "the company appeals as the industry's first" 5up converter ".

Before editing (image)

After the change (image)

Bright color / color gamut append can be turned on / off in the "SDR → HDR10 Conversion" menu. When "On" is selected, the color gamut is increased to BT2020 with the conversion of BML. Customization using tunnel mapping is possible, and a total of 12 brightness configurations containing a total of 17 can be done.

"Because the content shows different content and appearance with the appearance of light, a paid content is provided such that the user can be precise when viewing the video. Therefore, bright colors and gamut sprays are the default. Off from

Lighting can also illuminate up to 17 levels including 8 levels

Program guides and recordings are also in 4K resolution. Doramaru only supports 2K broadcasting

The APHDB DDB software supports playback of installed DB drives. The same quality is HDR10, not Talbi Vision or HDR10 +. Generally, this will be done in conjunction with the "HLG → HDR10 conversion" function that allows to enjoy HDR video on 4K / HDR TVs that will not support the "HLG" system used in 4KV. is the.

Drivers that support UMDBD support

The thumbnails will display and install text in the 4K resolution, the "4K Visual Program Guide" and the "4K Record List". Compared with the Apprentice rather than the GUI screen, the display is geared towards adopting higher-specific word fonts for more 4K TVs.

In the program instructions, the format and height of the program size and characters can be adjusted, and the program guide user preferences can be adjusted. It belongs to the "designated gender emphasis" in which only one specific type of color-coded program is highlighted in the guide.

Recorded programs are displayed as thumbnails with program titles. If you choose a popup display, you also have "Popup highlight" which shows the recorded program on the sub-screen every 5 minutes.

The program guide and record list are also in 4K resolution

“ Doramaru & # 39; & # 39 ;, who can automatically record a 4K new drama series for 4 weeks without booking an automatic program, will watch a TV program after 90 minutes of back-to-back viewing. Connected to a compatible AQUOS TV. "Echoes Time Chef" is also installed to view 2K programs from the outside, "Look outside", and also to search and record 2K programs outside of "Echos Remote Reservations." It is also equipped with "Transfer Debugging", which is a function of the project recorded to the new recorder with the previous Ecosystem recorder.

Race Terminal (Photo Show C40BT3)

There are two TD offers, one for the TV and one for the amplifier (audio signal only, CCA not supported). The USB terminal is for data and external HDD, and you may see SeeQVault compatible HDD with ordinary HDD. Wireless LAN unit with LAN LAN.

The BCCS card has been removed from this second-generation model, and it is integrated into the ACAS to broadcast 4K inside the device.

Power consumption is about 30W for C40BT3 and 29W for C20BT3 / C10BT3. The exterior dimensions are for all three models, 430 x 229 x 57.5 mm (width x diameter). Weight is about 3.3kg for C40BT3 / C20BT3 and 3.1kg for C10BT3. Includes a remote control, antenna cable, power cord, etc.

The previous model was a hybrid design of the BCC and ACS, but the new model was integrated into the ACS (photo is C40BT3).

Remote control

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