Friday , May 27 2022

Shunsuke Mashida and Ren McGrew “Warmth” Icarus “anan” & K & Attractions | ORICON NEWS


The famous group of Kansai Jani Juniors are Nanaiao Danshi Shunsuki Mashida and Snow Men’s Rain McGraw Women’s Grocer Magazine “Annan” (Magazine House) 2272 cover and top. The cut of “Warmthog”, in which TV stars W on Asahi’s “My Live Mix Up!”

The theme of gravity is the “sense of pure distance” that synchronizes with the phenomenon of drama. Shoot different distance senses, from solo cuts to two shots close to shot. One to the Sit Rans v Sit, one to the other, and I found the g to be strong … ended up in the attraction of the perfect pair.

In addition, people will be introduced to the wonderful dressing point coordination adays category. Don’t miss the question and answer key where you can answer what each group member likes and refreshes what they like.

In addition, they include “modern boy characters” who are in the light of new values ​​and ways of life in the world of movies, drama, music, the web, literature and sports. Yuto Nasu (Bishonen / Johnny’s Jr.), IMPACTors (Johnny’s Jr.) and others or appear to be nearby.

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