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The announcement of the “Minecraft” “Wild Update”, a large-scale update that transforms the swamp and the underground, will be delivered in 2022. Mine or Minecraft Live Information Summary – AUTOMATON


The Wandering Studios, the “Minecraft” er, held the “Minecraft” Festival Minecraft Live on October 17, 1721, and announced various information about the work. It was announced that the major update “Caves and Cliffs” will be delivered within 2021, and a new update will be delivered in “Wild Update” 2022. It was also announced that “Minecraft” will appear on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Significantly, a major update was announced as “Wild Update.” Delivery schedule in 2022. This is an update to Mine Mine’s other natural environment “Minecraft” and more diverse. For example, birch forest is bright and peaceful, and seems to be a beautiful forest with yellow flowers. The variability of biomes does not increase, and plants will change in the world depending on the context.

Swamp Bio also goes with “Wild Update” much better. Mangrove trees and mangrove swamps were also introduced. Mangroves are a wonderful plant that grows in water, and seeds that grow on trees do not grow to some extent and then fall off. The environment is reflected in the game. Of course, a mangrove tray block has also been added, and a set of home parts such as mangrove tray doors and fences will be provided.

“Renewable soil” is also available. It is observed that a bottle of water is used to create the soil against the soil block. You can also create a “Renewable Cream” clay by sticking it to stalactitis leakage and drainage. You can mud blocks of clay from clay and use them in buildings. The structure of a clay block is smaller and smaller than the smaller blocks today. In addition, “chest to boot” will appear as something new. This is a boat yacht with a chest in it. A chest is attached to the back of the ship, which supports the transport.

Frogs and fences appear to resemble moths that do not roam on mangroves. You can see what lies in the fire are flying in the swamp at night. Fire is also a food for frogs, and it has also been introduced that frogs lengthen their tongues and prey on them. Frog environments are presented in detail here, and there is also a triple condition. In addition, when it is grown from ad libitum to frogs, it branches into three species depending on the temperature of the biome. In the desert and the forest, frozen frogs appear white, moderately brown and ٿ cold and green.

DeepDark has been added as a new biome. The bio was to be delivered to the “Cave and Cliff”, but to be delivered to the “Wild Update”. DeepArk is a biome located in the underworld of the world, in which it assumes that DeepArk is the oldest city in the world. It’s a pretty sad environment.

The green block called “schoolchildren” exists in this biome. First, the school catalyst, one of the Scottish blocks, was introduced. When the group does not die around this block, it tends to produce more dirt. The number generated varies depending on the amount of XP.

The Scholastic Partners were also introduced as an example. It makes sounds like they respond to vibrations. And if you react to Sherlock Sherker’s many, er, warden, a powerful crowd, will come. The warden does not have eyes, but instead searches for sound and smell. It seems that you can also snowball and move. The above is anecdotal information of the “Wild Update”. Check out Minecraft Live 2021 broadcasts and for more information.

Hey, Jon, the big update about the “Cave and Cliff” that has already been announced. The major update of “Minecraft” will be split into “Cave and Cliff” into two sections. Amethyst, Bronze and Axolot were included in the first release, which was already distributed. install In this episode, the world will be creative, and the area will be created boldly. Delivery time is within 1 to 2 months. It is likely to be delivered by the end of the year. The Java version and the Bedrock version will be delivered at the same time.

will be updated as of 1.18. Resting at the top and bottom of the globe, the world is simply the largest DVD. Of course, the highs of the mountains will rise, and the high cave lands will find them. And at the same time as the dynamic area is spread, it will be adjusted to match the other regions. It can be seen that a large underground lake may be created below the ground that I am playing.

At the same time as the version of “Cave and Cliff”, a system called “Cedarity” will be released at the same time. The seed is the combination of letters that creates the world. Different seeds are different worlds, and if you enter a specific seed C, the specific world seeds for a particular seed will go. Needless to say, however, the compatibility of seed C is never present between Bedrock and the Java version. “Par G parity” will not allow versions to be created almost exactly the same area as with C.

And a Java and Bedrock version of Minecraft will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC in November. The Bedrock version was already on the Xbox Game Pass, but I couldn’t play it from my PC. With the Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can launch any version of “Minecraft” from the same launcher.

At Minecraft Dungeons, it was announced that Season Adventure will be released in December. The first season to observe is a season called the Cloud Climb. During the season, you can earn adventure points by playing regular games or completing daily / weekly challenges. It is said that you can buy items using the points you have earned.

If you buy an adventure pass, you can get premium benefits. This is because the mechanism is similar to the battle pass format. Adventure points can be added later in the season after the fall of the season. words In words, even in season 2, you can use the points you earned in season 1.

Seasonal benefits include pets, resins and emotions. Flair is a cosmetic item to add effects to the game. effects Special effects and sound effects when defeating enemies or using medicines. New pets include black and black ats, chickens and tokens. Emm is a function in which a character dances. Changes to the cap and leather var unit will be included. It seems that pets, reserves, passions, etc. can all be bought cosmetic items with points.

Also, at the same time as Season Adventure, a tower will be added as a new mode. It’s also a place where you can effectively get adventure points. This is a game mode in which you climb the tower to one of the 30 floors. It will be added to the camp. The higher the floor, the higher the difficulty level. You start the game with a character who has nothing and equip him with things that can get in the way. It is said that this is a game mode to test your abilities. You will probably get adventure points depending on the destination you are on. The tower is updated every couple of weeks.

Also, during Minecraft Live 2021, a Twitter vote will determine which groups will be added in the future.Blow upis the. A blue old group that likes music. When you search for anything else, it will search for the same item from the surrounding area and drop it where the note is blocked.
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Mine plans to deliver a major update to “Minecraft” “Cave and Cliff” in 2021, and “Wild Update” in 2022.

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