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The first overall update of the One 11, not implemented, was reported to have been found on a non-standard PC-Engadget Japanese version.


Windows 11

Windows 11

Windows 11 is officially distributed on Microsoft 5. The operating system states that it can be installed manually on older PCs that do not meet the recommended conditions, but in this case it is not eligible for updates and may suspend security and driver updates.

However, the first overall update was released on KB5006674 for Win 11 on 13, this situation did not occur on the PCs that did not meet the recommended conditions, and is that the update was successful.

According to the Italian technology information site HTNovo, complete security improvements and the .NET Framework are distributed in 3.5 and 4.8 PCs which do not meet the requirements suggested by MS.

However, the MS side also stated in the statement above that it “may be” awaiting updates, “and did not provide a final statement. You may not have intentionally tried to offend the user, but he should have avoided the legal liability that could arise from a formal statement of support.

On the other hand, it has been reported that this update makes the operation worse, rather than better, in terms of environment. For example, if you install Windows 11 with a Ryzen processor on a PC, the functionality will be gone.

There are issues that AMD has announced in this regard. This, Jerichi, is about one of them, “the L3 cache installed in the processor increases lately”.

According to TechPowerUp, which brings the technical and unmatched quality of PCs, the Ryzen 7 2700X’s L3 cache should actually be delayed by about 10ns, but it could be up to 17ns in Windows 11. It has been reported that this update has reached 31.9ns.

That said, the L3 cache issue will be resolved by MS next week. In addition, it is reported that AMD is currently working on a single issue, “preferentially allocating threads does not work on the processor’s fastest core”, and fixes the update later this month. Would be Have presented

There are many issues with the early version of Windows 11, but they are quickly resolved by the companies involved, and I don’t think they will be long.

It may have been assumed that the MS side would be able to fix the bug in a busy environment this way, and to minimize the load, the complaint might have been ressed as “damaged environment does not support”. that is right. General Chat Chat Lounge

Source: HTNovo, TechPowerUp

By: MSPowerUser, The Verge

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