Sunday , August 14 2022

The opposition party at the Institute is not responding to 22


The central secretary of the six-party scrutiny review committee met in the National Assembly on January 20, and agreed to accept that he would not be able to respond to the regular constitutional case, which takes place on the 22nd day as a day. Say next to the ruling party. Mr. Ikuo Yamaha of the opposition party (the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan) quoted as a reason for stepping up the government's and opposition parliamentary opposition to the National Assembly in connection with the proposed amendment, such as the Refugee Act following the entry of journalists after the meeting.

The Liberal Democratic Party has sought to hold a first meeting for a dietary meeting on February 22, but it is very likely to be sent.

The Lower Constitution Act is on a regular basis on Thursday. The opposition partly rejected the note "Liberation of the Workplace" by the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Hirofumi Shimomura, the constitutional reform headquarters for support, and the Constitutional Council has been held for 15 days.

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