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Yuki Sonoda ”Because this is the last year of the Honda F1, I wish you had won the title.[F1-Gate .com]


Yuki Sonoda ”Because this is the last year of the Honda F1, I wish you had won the title.

AlphaTauri Honda F1 Yuki Tsunoda says he hopes to win the title with Red Bull and Max Verstappen this year, the last year of the Honda F1.

At the F1 Turkey Grand Prix, Yuki started with a superb defense game at the start of the golden race, but after defeating seven F1 World Champions, he quickly went down.

Lewis Hamilton had to start at 11th grade with PU Exchange Lake and walk in the arena to minimize rivalry with his rival Max Verstappen.

Yuki Tsonda Lewis presents Hamilton for the first big challenge at K8. However, when Hamilton took control of him, Yuki Sonoda’s pace slowed down and he turned 21 on 9 turns.

Yuki Sonosoda on Formula1.como said, “Keeping up the pace was difficult because we used a lot of tires in the fight against Hamilton.

“I was unlucky when I was trying to run fast. Couldn’t see anything in the mirror. I think it was because of clay. I thought I was going to have to push so there was a car behind me and I drove the sp. But it’s a shame that it’s a spin that ruins the race and give up and I can’t score points.

“I’m disappointed. I’m really disappointed. Really, I really want to earn points. We’re also fighting for 5th place in the team championship. It’s a great chance to get big points against Alpine. I’m a team. I’m sorry for that. “

The fight against Lewis Hamilton was unbelievable, but Yuki Sonoda didn’t think he could do enough to stop the defending champions from developing.

“To be honest, I didn’t really care. I wish I had a Honda last year, Max, Kitty. Red Bull is also out last year. … I was trying to keep it about 30 laps, so 8 laps is not enough!

The F1 Turkey Grand Prix was held on the same day that the F1 Japan GP, ​​which was originally canceled, was scheduled for the new Corona virus.

“It’s a shame I can’t drive in Suzuki. Perhaps positive and positive is that I didn’t visit Japanese fans at least! It can be positive, but I will try not to add spin. ”

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