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[김광일의 입] Is socialism not sharing profits? –


Between "Candle Revolution" and "Cultural Revolution"

Yesterday, the Democratic Party and the government met with the ruling party.
Big business, small business, I understand what is "cooperative profits".
The SMEs we talked about are those who talk about subcontractors, in other words about partners.
"Cooperative Profit" means that if a large company that has received materials or parts from its suppliers gains profits by selling the product, profit is not only taken as the profit of a large company, I tell you. So I added the word "shared".
Large companies have far more money than sellers, so they divide the money that big companies leave to suppliers, so it's a common profit-sharing system.

Here's an example. Operating earnings are expected to reach 16.32 trillion won in the fourth quarter of this year. This is an increase of 7.2% over the same period last year.

Samsung Electronics has roughly 800 primary vendors. There are 391 cooperating companies trading more than 1 billion KRW per year and 391 cooperating companies representing 99.9%.
However, the operating margin of 391 suppliers is 5-6%, which does not differ significantly from the operating margin of 6 to 7% in Samsung Electronics products.
In addition, Samsung Electronics said it spent nearly 1.2 trillion won 10 years ago to support partner companies 10 years ago.

Samsung Electronics has 130 branches in its semiconductor industry. Samsung Electronics has been offering incentives or incentives eight years ago. This year, we expect approximately 20 to 30 billion dollars from our partners.

Now, however, the Department for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises has decided that the government should set these laws, enforce them, provide tax benefits,
The autonomy of the company means that the government creates an institution and actively intervenes because it does not know whether the amount is too small or sustainable.

For example, Samsung Electronics makes a huge profit by pushing suppliers, so it accepts some criticism that the government should actively intervene and increase the amount of cake to be distributed systematically.

But I'm afraid of the side effects that are already blocked. Above all, it is important to emphasize that you are trying first, what profits do you start to share?
In order to be able to share, we need to accurately measure the benefits of each of the 800 suppliers and we need to worry about who is objectively measuring it.
Do we only share the first partner and what is the second and third partner?
There are plenty of foreign suppliers than domestic companies, but if you exclude these foreign companies, they can be brought into the WTO immediately.

Large companies that do not want to look like this can move overseas to their homes, overseas factories, and even all of their suppliers can be overseas.

The government says it is not an urge but leaves it to autonomy, but who will believe it? Our corporations should live by watching the IRS FTC State Prosecutor, and the government is already classifying societies into four degrees of practicing a cooperative profit-sharing system. Do you mind.

Some company operating profits are considered possible because they have cooperated with vendors, so it is a common benefit and this benefit should be shared, so it is a common benefit.
Economic democratization, fair economy and economic ideology of government.

Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu visited Korea. Israel is a high-tech power plant. Chairman Hyundai Jeong Se-young asked. What is the secret? Prime Minister Netanyahu said. It's a total secret, but government interference is a secret.
The reason Korea became a semiconductor power plant is that there is no semiconductor department in the Department of Commerce, Industry and Energy. The reason why our golfers gather the world is that there is no golf course at the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.
These words no longer look like jokes.

A cooperative profit-sharing system, that is, the system that Korea will try for the first time in any country in the world.
Kim Dae Jung, Counselor Chosun Ilbo, who has been working as a field journalist for more than half a century, said it. "For more than 50 years, I have seen and covered a number of conflicts and divisions in our society, but I have not seen that almost all the values ​​of the company have turned as if they were turning the bottle in reverse, I have not seen such a world that broke like this.
The candlelight revolution that the government likes should not go beyond any fence if its spirit does not become a cultural revolution. What fence is, these government people will know best.

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