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[인터뷰]Jerry Kay and Slick "Mountain of the Mountain" … 1 mm forward "


Rapper Slick (left) and Jerry Kay who sang the song for the new song

Rapper Slick (left) and Jerry Kay, who sang the song for the new song "Feminist" Rapper Mountain, are interviewed at the headquarters of the Kyunghyang newspaper in 20th place. Their hip-hop brand, Days Alive, is the only hip-hop scene that deals with minority agendas and is considered a group against female hatred. Kim Young Min

On October 16, Rapper Mountain announced the new song "Feminist." In this song, the mountain calls me a "feminist" and says, "Why do women not go to the army if they want the right, why did I put the money on the subway parking lot when I came out?" The wave she called the song was more than she imagined a mountain. There have been two great reactions. It was a criticism that "it was cool" and "I was feminist". The voice of criticism also exploded inside the hip-hop system. That same day, rapper Jerry Kay (real name Kim Jin-il, 34) hip-hop label (agency) Days Alive & # 39; as "Dis" for "feminist" Lapper Slick (pronounced Kim Hyeong-hwa, 27), who belongs to a label like Jerry Kay at night, also released a song called "EQUALIST" criticizing Mountain. "Dis" is an abbreviation for "Disisspect," which means hip-hop culture that publicly condemns the rival through the song.

17th, when the controversy was hot, I asked for an interview with Days Alive. Jerry Kay answered the request for an interview and said, "I think the more of these problems, the more women should be given the word, I want an interview with the female rap, Slick." I also asked for an interview with Mountain Music, Brand New Music. But I could not answer. Meanwhile, Sani explained that a "feminist" is not through her own instagram song that hates women and is not a songwriter.

■ "Abnormal Abstinence Sentiment" Korean hip-hop opposition, voice is steadily rising

In the afternoon of the 20th century I met Jerry Kay and Slick at the headquarters of the Kyungpyo newspaper in Seoul Jung-gu. I first asked why I gave the song "Dis". Jerry Kay said, "I saw the lyrics and I wrote a song to say something. It's easy to stay calm, but that's not good." Slick has a similar answer. Slick said, "I wanted to cool those who felt frustrated with his songs rather than the song he said." I had a great idea to talk to the ground, "he said." The DeSoto lyrics are not new. It's just a matter of moving stories that women have so far claimed and shared with rap. "

In the afternoon of May 16, rapper Jerry Kay released a song called NEVER ABOUT an official YouTube account for hip-hop label "Alive Days". YouTube Capture

In the afternoon of May 16, rapper Jerry Kay released a song called NEVER ABOUT an official YouTube account for hip-hop label "Alive Days". YouTube Capture

Slick 2016 Video Content Lab <마이크 스웨거>I stressed the problem of the abomination of the hip-hop household and announced her name. "I still say she's like a girl and I'm still gay." If it's hip-hop, I'll be hip-hop ever since, "he called it" feminist "rap.

Slick was called "a rapper not part of Korean hip-hop." "I think the genre is innocent," he says. The main Korean hip-hop speech discusses the success of women and minorities. It is a means of perception and is considered to be proof of success. "

Experts say Korean hip-hop is not violent or violent. However, it was pointed out that there was concern that the abusive feeling was based on it. "In the United States, hip hop is actually created in the streets and streets of the United States, and Korean hip-hop is an internet community like a ghetto." Many Internet communities are disgusted by women or minorities. Korean hip-hop tends to absorb discourse. "

■ "Political correctness / workability is different, but there should be something we should think about"

Slick and Jerry Kay. News

Slick and Jerry Kay. News

Days Alive is the only group on the hip-hop scene that deals with minority agendas and is rated as a group against female hate. Because of this, left-wing (left-wing zombies) and Megal (Leah) groups are like the basic allegations. Jerry Kay said: "There is a real difference in the effort of political justice from the so-called" The Loyalties of "Confucian Morals." It is no different than saying, "I do not want to do what I can think of as a citizen of human rights in a country that has reached the rank of advanced countries in the 21st century," Slick said, "Atmosphere, which I consider to be bad when I talk about minority aversion, is wrong, "he says, but I do not mean that honesty comes from the value of a cultural citizen."

Some rappers claim to be "censors" when it comes to naming the foul text of women, they claim that the company has imposed a strict hip-hop criterion. Jerry Kay said, "I tend to use the word censorship easily." He said: "It is not forgotten that you have written rough content or deleted lyrics, even if you are not playing music at the moment, anyone who uses a platform like YouTube can play this song, Rapper has more freedom to talk through music. the situation is criticizing "domestic work" as more evidence of freedom of expression than censorship. "

Some of them criticized Jerry Kay and Slick as "opportunists." "We have been criticized for failing to imagine feminism in the past," Jerry Kay said. "If we were on the controversy, what were the accusations we had so far?" Most of the loving hip-hop men are in their teens and twenties and their goal is to be the main consumer. "When I talk about feminism, I always point to rapping and formatting skills , and there are people who accuse me of being, "said Slick.

Jerry Kay's song "No Yuanat" also has the meaning of self-reflection. Jerry Kay has been criticized for his nasty lyrics in the song "You Are Not Lady," which was released six years ago. He said, "I've been such a man in the past, and I think so, I'm trying to show a better picture in the future, I've borrowed from Deis." "I will continue listening and criticizing the criticism of the songs I'm in past uses that lack human sensitivity. "

Hate and hip hop can not be separated. Is there room for separation? "In 2016, I was really alone," says Slick, "but now it seems that the company has changed a bit, because there are more people talking about hateful problems, even if they are not rappers." "There is a long way to go, but there is a reaction," Jerry Kay said. "I think there is a growing voice of disgusting expression, and that controversy itself is a change, especially that the mountain has cleared up its own rap and that it was around 1 mm."

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