Saturday , October 1 2022

"I want to be a member of the band …" The song also realizes PR "Today is your chance!"


(Source = transmission of dad's transmission

(Source = transmission of father's color "A")

Singer Park Hak-ki released the daughter of her daughter who works as a girl group.

On the 7th Channel of A & apos; Color, Park Hak-ki and daughter Dae-yeon went to Jeju Island. Her daughter currently works at the Girls Group in Matilda.

On that day they arrived at Jejudo Park Hak – ki and her daughter Seung – yeon, headed for a new house and listened to the song Matilda together. The lady said, "I listen to other songs, but because my daughter is a singer, I'm listening to her songs."

So Park said, "There are a lot of other people who sing, but my daughter does not have a chance."

On the other hand, daughter Paik Hakki's daughter debuts in 2016 as a group of Matilda's girls.

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