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Jang Hye-jin – Lee Seung-shin, archery championships of men and women win – Diodeo


(Seoul = Message 1) Jung Myung reporter Jang Hye-jin (LH) and Lee Seung-shin (Hyundai Steel) won the men's and women's championships and women's championships at the 50th National Women's and Men's Championships in archery.

Jang Hye-jin and Lee Seung-shin won the 5th consecutive gold medal at the 5th International Yekcheon Jinho Archery Competition in Gyeongbuk Province. Jang Hye-Jin's female manager defeated Jean Hoon-yeong (Hyundai Department Store) 6-2 and the male Lee Seung-shin defeated Han-taek (Incheon Goyang-gu) 7-2.

At the exhibition of recurring groups, the winning cup was won by Cheongju City Hall and the Hyundai Women's Department. Cheongju City Hall defeated Kyunghee University 6-0 and Hyundai Department Store defeated Yeoju 5-1. In a mixed team game, the Gyeonggi province has won by defeating Jeju Island with shooting.

On the soybean exhibition of the group, they won the men's championships Choi Yong Hee (Hyundai Steel) and So Cheon Won (Hyundai Mobis). Choi Yong Hee squeezed Kim Jong Ho (Hyundai Steel) and Choi Chae won Choi Bumin (Cheongju City Hall). The Ulsan City hybrid team defeated the island of Jeju to the summit.

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