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"Yesterday I have a lot of reports of my power," said Kim Byung-joon, chairman of the Korean National Emergency Management Committee.

Lee, Chan In addition, what is the most popular YouTube content recently seen by the Democratic party representative? It was the content of a dispute between a member of the Special Committee on Enhancing the Organizational Structure of the Free Korean National Party and Kim Byung-jun who was informed of the "rejection of the letter" by the recent conflict. The delegate issued a list in the 11th place where he was in the process of publishing "

Studio is a two-floor building on the first floor of our Yeouido, which has separate lighting and camera equipment and can be photographed by any democratic legislator or observer. To date, more than 300 participants, Park Jae-min, the Democrat Party legislator, said, "100,000 people are realistic targets."
Progressive and conservative confrontation moves to YouTube. As YouTube users grow up quickly, they use it to communicate their identity and identity and criticize their opponents. YouTube is now more active in a conservative camp than in a progressive camp.

Pen-and-Mike regular TV, which has 294,000 subscribers since November 11, is one of the fastest-growing individual boards and Lee Joos-sung, which has more than 30,000 subscribers , is a representative example. Former South Korean delegate Hong Joon-pyo chose YouTube to resume his political career. Hong also recorded YouTube as `TV Hong Kola '.

As for the conservative camp, especially the "regular television program", the deputy said, "Do not compare us with such a thing, you should not look at it." "We do not see it as damaging, Cut said, not exaggerating to say that an ideological confrontation has already begun on YouTube.

So how do politicians do YouTube? Consider Democrat Kim Tae Sup.

Every Wednesday at 9:00 am, Members of Parliament House 933, who has a gold medal room, are busy. A golden member and nine assistants assemble and sit down. "Let's have a look at the public," says one of his colleagues. Another assistant replied, "Let's do it on TV." Here's the Kim Tae Sup TV YouTube TV channel operated by FKI. Do not open a meeting for YouTube production only. At this Wednesday's meeting, we will discuss the direction of the political room and how to promote it.

Since it is not a favorite to broadcast a Diet member's activities, it is characteristic that the Seoul Metropolitan Assembly produces many of its own paintings. For example, in the case of court farmers, the film "300" was parodied and produced video. One of my assistants is about 3 hours of work. Another feature of television is the fact that the legislator's face often does not come out. Cho Hyun-wook said, "It's not funny if only members of the law are present and trained, it's not fun." Kim Tae Sup TV should not be a protagonist, because the legislator should act to strengthen the image of the legislator.

Within the Democratic Party, Seong Hye-won, a member of subscribers of 29,400 people, is the most popular member. This is one of the secrets of the company's efforts to produce content in collaboration with experts from various disciplines such as Jeju Jung Hyun, former Chief Executive Officer of Hanhwa Securities, attorney Choi Gang-wook (current secretary of Cheong Wa Dae). Many popular politicians, such as the Presidential Candidate (4090) and Yong-jin Park (2700), run YouTube on their own.

The Conservative camp is ahead of the Progressive Camp on YouTube. Jeon Hee-kyung, a member of the Korean National Assembly, continues to act by opening the Jeon Hee-kyung channel and the power of freedom. The number of participants reached 38,700 and the cumulative content view exceeded 5 million. I do not have a channel devoted to Youtube to reveal my political background as the first senate. A former Clerk of the House of Commons said, "It seems that they come from the adherents that there is no independent organization outside the party,

In the case of YouTube "Shinseong" Lee, the number of subscribers increased by 3000 in the last week. When Lee Sunkwon's "Noise Cold" dispute was raised, it was introduced to the media back from the YouTube channel, like eating cold noodles and playing nurses well. Lee said: "We are 40 years younger than other right-wing YouTube and when we get comments, there are many reformist supporters," Lee said. "It's a point where we focus on interpreting every question as a politics," he said.

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A YouTube channel is also planned to guarantee "content" rather than the activities of individual councils. One example is Park Kyung – mi (Proportional), appointed by the District Chief of the Seocho Democratic Party. Park is Professor of Mathematical Education at the University of Hong Kong, and plans for YouTube to tell mathematical stories about mathematics this year. It is to buy the mind of a voter who naturally takes care of raising a child rather than direct activity.

In the end, the fact that YouTube is accumulating in Korea is accelerating. According to Wise Applications mobile app analysts, YouTube users have increased from 28.8 million in January to 3.19 million in September.

Just as in August, the YouTube time was 33.3 billion won, followed by Coca-Cola Talk (19.9 billion), Naver (136 billion), Facebook (4 billion), and another (3.2 billion). And politicians pay special attention to YouTube because they are still the same. Most YouTube users are in 10th and 20th generation. However, more than 50 generations are used for the second time. In other words, the 1950s are more time consuming than the 30s and 40s. This is an area that can not be overlooked by conservatives with more than 50 supporters. It is also time for a progressive camp to stop the expansion of the Conservative camp. This is why Democrats are promoting the YouTube channel on the side of the president.

In addition, YouTube's availability is high and its production costs are low, making it more efficient than other promotional tools. YouTube can be viewed using a simple web browser without having to decompose the application. In addition, you can stream your video to a large number simply by linking (copying and pasting) a link through KakaoTalk. So you can easily share images over 50 generations.

Ahn, who oversees the official YouTube channel, "The Right Voice," said, "YouTube is highly user-friendly because it's an application that's basically installed on your smartphone, and if you're not a member (SNS), you can easily see the video."

The problem is that content containing one-sided positions may expand without filtering. For example, Kim Seong-tae, head of the South Korean side, said in a video titled "One pandemonium panda", "Kim Sung-tae" is just one fantastic panda. "The rhetoric, which the Conservatives oppose to the two Koreas, is obviously a false report." It was focused on reparations rather than nuclear dismantling. "This position is too excited for fans and may even be biased toward more intriguing content.

This is why Democrats have created fake countermeasures and launched related laws.

Opposition legislators also deal with the broadcasting environment on YouTube. It is because of complaints that the broadcasts are now friendly to the regime and do not give their voice correctly. In fact, Kim said, "If the opposition parties give the sound, KBS, MBC and SBS give us our voice.

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