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"Slavery of the Land …" Chief of the Ministry of Justice of Mongolia, Disciplinary Statement of the Ministry of Justice –


Entry 2018.11.20 16:27

Omo (46), a member of the Human Rights Department of the Department of Justice, filed a complaint with the Office for Personnel and Innovation at the Ministry of Justice on suspicion of indicating his staff and demanding excessive protests. The Justice Department said on 20 October: "I filed a disciplinary application at the Central Disciplinary Board on Innovation and Innovation as part of the allegations against Oh were confirmed as facts."

A Justice Department official said: "Most suspicions of media reports have been identified as facts." The decision was issued by the Judicial Inspection Committee, which consisted of nine external members and one senior member of the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office. The Ministry of Justice did not specify whether it required a certain level of disciplinary punishment. The Ministry of Justice said on August 1 that suspicion began investigating the truth about the date, and four days later it began a formal inspection.

According to the Department of Justice, Oh recently suggested that employees should go to a seminar on human rights topics. He said, "I think the slaves of the earth are overcome, what the hell are you doing? The belt is also short, so let's study."

Oh, it is also suspected that when employees first eat out, they say, "Why are you going to lunch?" Or at dinner, "You have no laughter, I seem to eat the rituals."

It has been reported that there are also notes about sexual harassment. "We do not have good handsome lawyers, we do not have good handsome, tall and pretty children," or they say, "There are three ways people can get to know each other." This is said.

Oh, he said, "Contrary to the context, there are contents that are said to be eloquently exhausting, and there are parts that are not actually spoken." He said: "We (state officials) usually talk about" state officials being slaves to the land. "" He said, "We have spoken lightly about the whole, and that we are not well studying human rights." He said.

Whoever was a member of the Department of Human Rights was appointed to office in March. Previously, these were the positions that the plaintiffs dealt with, and that was selected as part of the "prosecution of the Justice Department". The justice ministry said in a press release that it has been a human rights expert working for human rights at the National Human Rights Commission, the Justice Department, and the Human Rights Office for about 14 years.

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