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"The First Heavenly Body Who Comes Alien, Omu Not Ah … Artifacts Created by Aliens"


The first extraterrestrial heavenly body to visit the solar system

The first alien heavenly body to visit the solar system "Omu Anua" Comet Imagination [유럽남부천문대(ESO) 제공=연합뉴스]

The research document published last year on Oumuamu · 1I / 2017 U1, the first alien subject that went through the solar system, could be a message sent to foreign higher creatures.

According to today's universe, the research team at 5th place, Abraham Love Harvard Smithsonian Astrophysical Center (Cfa) Schumel Biali, said solar pressure is a unique acceleration omuamaa Could you explain this? "

In an article published in the online journal "archive", which contains preliminary publications, the research team claimed that Omu-Amua suggested the reasons for speeding up the sun.

Omuumua was expected to slow down through the opening days of the discovery but showed a unique acceleration pattern such as acceleration.

Astronomers explained that Omu-Amua, as well as the comet, was stimulated by solar radiation because the material on its surface falls.

But scientists have said that Omuamua did not keep gas leak when it was near the Sun. Also, if the surface material dropped rapidly, it should accelerate the rotation of Omuamu, but this phenomenon did not happen. Scientists have said the initial hypothesis that the material appears on the surface was bad.

Instead, it has increased the possibility that Omu-Amou may be in the form of a "solar sail" that increases the rate of solar radiation. Solar Sail has launched IKAROS technology that uses solar photons to fly.

Scientists have assumed that Umuamu will take the form of a solar sail that would be made by extraterrestrial life. It is true that extraterrestrial life has deliberately used solar sales.

Omuumua, produced by extraterrestrial organisms, could penetrate the solar system without purpose due to gravitational and star effects such as ocean wrecks. There is also the possibility that he could send them purposefully to explore the solar system. It is claimed that aliens used Omuamau to explore the solar system as if humanity had been exploring the universe.

Scientists speculated that alien higher organisms could send several similar bodies to the solar system, like Omuamu, and discovered by astronomers near Omu Aman district, assuming there could be more bodies like Omuamu.

Professor Love said: "The study of Omuomia is intended to create a potential basis for a new field of so-called Space Archeology that studies the sights of the universe in past civilizations." Is this the only thing we find evidence that artifacts floating in space? "Give a clear answer to the old question," he said.

On the other hand, Omuumua was the first interstellar body to come out of the outside of the Solar System in October last year, with Hawaii's "first messenger from a far place".

In September I was out of the solar system in the direction of the constellation Pegasus. Corinne Baylor-Jones, a doctor at Astronomy Astronomy Institute Max Planck in Germany, said he had been able to trace the position of Omuamaa 1 million years ago and found four candidates for his hometown. However, the exact identity of Omuamu has not yet been understood, and astronomers have raised different hypotheses.

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