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Volleyball players Lee Ji-young and Da-young left Greece


PAOK joined Thessaloniki Club
Mother “bowing her ear”

in The sisters arrived in Greece Lee Yun-Lee (left) and Lee Dae-young, who arrived in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the 17th, are smiling with a bouquet of flowers that they received from the Greek women’s professional volleyball team PAOK Thessaloniki. Photo source: PAOK’s Instagram

To join the Greek women’s professional volleyball team PAOK Thessaloniki, twin sisters Yerron Lee Ji-young and Lee Da-young (25), who were unable to step into the Professional Volleyball League’s court due to ‘school violence’ controversy. Greece was stirred. General Chat Chat Lounge The Yernons, who were spotted around 9:45 pm on the 16th at Incheon International Airport, were silent and unresponsive to many reporters and flown to the departure hall.

Ist Lee Lee’s young man left a short “I’m sorry”. On this day, Kim Kyung-hee (55), a mother with the wrists, said, “Walk without bowing your head.” You have to stay calm until the end, ”he said. Karim, a member of the women’s volleyball team at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, told reporters after leaving the Yinner Hall, “Someone should have asked my children Erin a truth, but there was no such person.” What do I tell you? “And the airport left. The sisters arrived in Greece on the 17th via Istanbul, Turkey. Greece PAOK welcomes the posting of pictures of Yinner entering the country and holding a bouquet of flowers along with the words “here they are” on the club’s Instagram.

Twin sisters Einaron, who was unable to play on his original team, has been pushing to join PAOK in February this year due to a school-based controversy. However, as the Korea Volleyball Association held, “it is impossible to give an International Transfer Agreement (ITC) to a player who caused a social scandal,” the transfer was challenging. However, last month, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) issued an ITC office, and then went through the transition process, such as issuing a visa. Recently, Lee Da-young’s husband, Jo, claimed in an interview with the media that “I am receiving psychotherapy after verbal abuse and assault at home.” Reporter Hong-gu Kang [email protected] On the Reporter page>

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