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Yuhan to conclude a technology export contract worth 1.4 trillion


Jansen · Clinical study of new lung cancer treatment

Yuhan signed a technology export deal with Jansen Biotech, the global pharmaceutical company, for $ 1.255 billion (target epithelial cell growth factor) EGFR (Target Epithelial Cell Growth Factor Receptor). Yuhan will receive $ 50 million (approximately KRW 50 billion) and will earn up to $ 1.25 billion (approximately KRW 1.35 billion) in technology transfer fees, depending on the clinical, licensing, and marketing stages.

Hanmi Pharm and German global pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim surpassed the technology deal in July 2015 with a $ 850 billion ($ 730 million) deal. At that time, Hanmi Pharm Olumtini's export technology (Korean name: Olita) was a new candidate for lung cancer treatment.

Jansen will now have the exclusive right to develop, manufacture and sell LaserTinib around the world, with the exception of Korea. The rights of domestic development and commercialization are held by Yuhan. LaserTinib is a new candidate for treatment of non-small cell lung carcinoma. It is a third-generation drug that overcomes the side effects of existing medicines. It only inhibits the mutation of EGFR, a signaling agent involved in the growth of cancer cells.

Yuhan purchased LaserTip from Gencosco, a subsidiary of Oscotec, in 2015 and in Phase 2 in a joint clinical trial with OSCOTECH. Of the total export of technologies that Yuhan receives from Janssen, 40% will be distributed to Oscotech and Genosco.

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