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As the role of the Wolf hero, "The Sun Gets in Heaven", tells actors Vilis Daudzins about the work, it's a challenge to make an animated film for each actor. "It's always exciting to shoot a movie, and when you say a role, you're a bit more relaxed than on stage, you do not see, but the responsibility is much higher because everything you could do with his body and what the audience could read, see, hear," says actor.

As seen in the movie behind the scenes, the sound recording studio of the cabin vibrates its movie characters by searching for true voice intonation and mood, sometimes even through physical exercise if it is a character in the movie.

Overall, about fifty people worked on film production, painting, painting, moving and recording each day for four years. Voice recordings of the first actors took place at the very beginning of the movie, when actors talked about so-called "black texts," so animators could draw pictures and their movements, facial expressions, and imitation to see how tall the text each picture is. After drawing all the characters, the actors were referring to the real texts that were already looking at the drawings, so that the represented images exactly match the displayed animation. It is true that sometimes the first voice record was so good that it did not have to be reworked – it happened in the case of "The Sun in Heaven" with a great villain, Wolf Band Wolf, who was buried on the screen by the voice of Viņņa Daudziņa.

"The sun went to heaven," the story begins when a girlfriend of the Sun and Moon is kidnapped in jellyfish, and desperate parents call a man to take the baby. The charger walks past the sword and, along with the Girl and the Bride, goes on a journey to face both mosquitoes and lungs and their own fears and laziness. Helpers will only get three days: if at that time the Sun's daughter is not found, she loses her strength and becomes an ordinary girl. The path of danger and adventure that teaches everyone not only to be daring and inventive, but also useful. Latvian animation classic Rose Stieb's film is based on folk motives, Juris Kaukulis and The Young Midsummer Orchestra are fighting for their violent events.

The animated film Sun Drives in the Sky was created in the "Locomotive" studio, founded in 1995, and one of the most active and productive studies in the Baltics. The studio produces feature-length feature films, documentaries and animated films presented at prestigious world festivals. Only in the last four years have thirteen national film prizes won the films in the studio "Great Kristapsy". The previous full-length animated film, which was signed in 2014 along with Bauman's "Stones in My Pockets," which was signed in 2014, won three Great Kristaps nominations and was nominated for an Oscar in the US as a candidate for Latvia.

The animated film "The Sun in the Sky" became part of the "Latvian Century Latvian Movies" program with the support of the National Film Center.

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