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Here it is – Porsche Tech or the first electric Porsche – car news – car

Original interior design with wide screen bar

The cabin marks the beginning of a new era with a clear structure and completely new construction. The highest point of the front panel is the freezing, cone dashboard. It is clearly directed against the rider's axis. The central 10.9-inch intake display and optional passenger compartment make up a built-in glass bar that looks like a black panel. All user interfaces for tokens are completely deprecated. The number of college hardware controls, such as switches and buttons, has dropped significantly. They were replaced by intelligent and dynamic controls using touch or voice controls that responded to the Porsche order.

PHOTO: Delia Boom

The tank is the first car that Porsche offers without the glossy elements of the interior trim. Created, innovative content, I emphasize the sustainable concept of the salon electric sports car. The "foot garage" – which holds the foot in the back foot – features a comfortable seating area and low ground clearance for sports cars. Two types of equipment can be used: the front branch has a capacity of 81 liters and the back has a capacity of 366 liters.

Advanced motor motors and two-speed transmission

Both the Titan Turbo S and Tableon Turbo are two highly-motorized electric machines, each on the axis that make them four-wheel drive vehicles. Continuous critical stimulation increases the machine's high efficiency of device distances and constant running power. Each electric machine, transmission and pulse control inverter are integrated into a compact drive model. These models have higher power densities (per liter per kilowatt of assembly) compared to all electric power plants available on the market. The special feature of the electric motor is the U-shaped filling of the stator coils. This technology allows more copper to be inserted into the stator, thus increasing the output power and torque, while maintaining the same component volume. The two-speed transmission on the rear axle is developed by Porsche. The first gear saves more tank loads from the ground, while the second gear delivers more power and equilibrium power compared to the long gear. This applies very quickly.

PHOTO: Delia Boom

Intermediate network chassis system

For the trunk chassis, Porsche uses a central grid control system. Integrated Porsche 4D chassis control time analysis and synchronize all chassis systems. Nancy's chassis system includes three chamber technology with adaptive pneumatic suspension in which PASM (Porsche Stack Stability Control) controls electronic shock absorption, as well as Porsche Branchchanical Tile Control chassis with Porsche Torque vectoring bridge (PTV Plus). (PDCC Sport). The all-wheel-drive two-electric motor and rating system are original. At 265 kW, the recovery capacity is significantly higher than its competitors. Driving tests have shown that approximately 90% of daily brakes occur through single electric machines, without the activation of hydraulic schedule brakes.

The profile of different driving modes is basically the same philosophy in other Porsche models. This is a complete set of settings for further use of the electric drive. There are four device motors: Range, Normal, Sport and Sport Plus. In addition, the individual systems can be customized as needed in the individual mode.

The global pack of the three continents of the world

The main markets for the new electric sports car are located on these three continents in North America, China and Europe, as well as Polish world-class apparel tricks. In addition, the venue offers three types of sustainable energy management: the Niagara Falls, represented by Canada's New York State and the Niagara Falls on the Ontario border, represents solar energy in Nindenberg, near Berlin, and on Pitt Island. The wind farm represents the power town of Fuzhou, a provincial city 150 km away from Fujian.

PHOTO: Delia Boom

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