Wednesday , October 5 2022

Latvian Caritas Kalnins entered the final of the bronze world championship


The Latvian Caritas Calvin Kalvins arrived in Madrid on Wednesday at the Bronze Finals World Cup, which will take place on Saturday.

Kalnin, who started in the kumite group in the 60 kg weight category, had the first round loose, while in the second he played 2: 0 via Senegal Diufu Saliū.

In the third round, Latvian karate won 4-0 at the South Korean athlete Jon Gudzhu, while the fourth round was defeated by Taurus Puuris Saijasombats.

In the quarter finals the Japanese Naoto Saogo achieved a goal of 4: 6. Saogo then reached the final, so Kalniņš could participate in the tournament of joy.

He started from third round with 2: 0 by overtaking this year's Asian ice hockey champion Rifki Ardiansjahu Arrosjid from Indonesia, thus gaining the right to fight for third place.

Latvia will meet with Darhan Asadilov from Kazakhstan on Saturday in the Bronze Finals.

Kalnins won the bronze medal at the 2010 World Cup. In his European championship he has one gold, one silver and two bronze medals, the last of which took place in May.

Meanwhile, two victories in this championship were Andrei Ozerov, who won the Kumite with 84kg, Victor Razaeva (-68kg) and Nikolai Bodrov (-67kg) won victory, but Kristin Vicha (-50kg), Liene Prikaza (-55kg) , Alina Kornishova (-61 kg), Ruslan Sadikov (-75 kg), Dens Sadikov (-84 kg) and Cyril Membo (Kata group).

Latvian karaite is participating in the "kumite" competition on Thursday.

In 2020, karate will be at the Tokyo Olympic Games and will be among the world champions. On the other hand, world rankings can be won only in Premier League tournaments, as well as in World and European Championships.

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