Tuesday , October 4 2022

Latvian couple in the World Cup finals in 10 divisions of professionals


In Portugal, 10 Dance Divisions (10 Standard Dance + 5 Latin Dance Dance Divisions) and 5th place won by Marty Punins of Riga and Dan Jákobson in Portugal in the final sixth semester, Portugal, the press secretary of the Latvian Sports Dance Federation Ivars Bacis. Danish dancers Björn Bich and Ashley Williamson have become masters for the second year.

Marcel Punhin and Dana Jākobsone (Dūsas Dance School), who won the 4th place on the Standard Day (ST) in the first World Championship in the Professional Division, won the last six weeks a week ago. The Latvian pairs have surpassed the quarterfinals and the semifinals convincingly and have also been bidding for prizes. Finals Mart and Dana won a very similar fight for fourth place with German dancers Valentine and Renata Lusin. After five ST dances, German dancers were slightly ahead, but after the second of the Latin American LA dances in Cha-cha-cha, our couple began to stabilize. Although Punins and Jakobson scored better in Jaipur's final dance in Jaipur, the Germans Humbug and Pasodoble were able to win the 4th place in the overall rating. The result is that Marts and Dana finished 5th in the championship with 10 rewards won 331,500 points, the fourth place missing only one point.

Confirming their favorite status and gaining first place in all ten tones, Danish Björn Bich and Ashley Williamson won the second consecutive victory for the second consecutive year, winning the world championship title in 10 dance performances for amateurs from 2010 to 2013. Denmark he won another medal from Nikolai Lund and Martha Kocika, who ranked third. Meanwhile, Mario Kekinat and Rosario Messina Denaro, who last year were only one and a half in the amateur category, rank second in second place.

Meanwhile, in the Czech Republic in the European Cup, 10 dancing amateur residents of Riga Artur Tagirov and Rebecca Ciprian (Dance4you) ranked 19th in 13th place, slightly losing the 12th semifinal. In their strongest LA program they were even among the best in Los Angeles, but the 15th result shown in ST dances did not allow Arthur and Rebecca to enter the semifinals.

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