Friday , May 27 2022

“Linux” losses the Baltic League season to Jurmala and Jelgava


Photo: Jacobs “Links”

The Jacobs started the “Credit 24” championship season with a victory over Lee on C-N, but the volleyball players of Grimala and Jilgawa experienced a loss at the weekend in Garda.. “Lūši”, who finished third in the league last season, played in the arena “Daugavpils Universitāte” / “Ezerzeme” (DU / “Ezerzeme”) units – 3-1 (25:23, 25:22, 25:27). , 25: 11).

Jānis Medenis scored 16 points in favor of the winners, in Pāvels Jemeļjanovs and Armands Āboliņš they scored 14 points each, and Zigurds Adamovičs scored 11 points, which were well supported by Ezra. The Daugavpils residents scored 15 points by Dmitrijs Maniarts, who scored three touchdowns, and 14 points by Nazar Heitmans.

In Klaipeda, “RTU Border Guard” / “Jermala” and “Biolars” / “Jelgava” suffered a loss by the Austrian steels trained by the Lithuanian club Klaipėda “Amber Volley”. On Saturday n Saturday, the Legion Club defeated the Steeles’ former “RTU Border Guard” / “Jermala” 3-1 (25:16, 25:17, 20:25, 30:28), but on Sunday – the “Boilers. “/” Jelgava ”with 3-0 (25:12, 25:12, 25:19).

On Saturday night, on Sunday, Aleksandr Adivadis was useful in the Jerema team with 18 points, Matt Gudbolins scored 17 points, collected three points in the block, while Patrix Punka scored 14 points. Viktor scored 14 points on the Chicago Shoals Stoles’ team, scoring four scoring yards with one block. On Sunday, Dominatz Curtis scored 13 points for the hosts, but Jonathan Bowmans scored six points in the guests’ row. Kleppa has become a league leader trained by Team Steals with vict n victories in two games.

This season, nine teams will participate in the Credit 24 Championships – four teams in Estonia (Tartu “Bigbank”, “Parnu”, Tallinn “Selver” and “TalTech”) and Latvia (“Daugavpils University” / “Ezerzeme”, “RTU Border Guard “/” Jermala “, Jacobs” Lee “and” Boilers “/” Jalgawa “/ MSĢ) and a Lithuanian unit – Klayipada” Amber Volley “. Surima defeated, and the Jacobapples “Lee” won the third.

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