Thursday , September 29 2022

Masonry invites 13 Saeima to recognize their special position


12. Inara Mūrniece (NA), Chairman Saeima, addressed members of the 13th Saeima, calling for work to strengthen people's faith in their own and the future of their country.

"Lithuanian citizens have given us a special privilege to be the legislature of their country for the next four years." Parliamentary democracy means that Saeima MPs are the most important people of the entire nation, so remember that not only our voters look at us but all Latvian citizens " you are Masonry

She emphasized that the good Saeima and the government are "if the nation thrives and begins to live better".

"It is necessary to work to strengthen the faith of people in their future and the future of their country, because the state is more than one human life or its will." The earth is the place where people live, people honor their past, respect their gift and realize your dream of the future, "said Saeima's 12th Chairman of the Board.

In conclusion, his 13th Saeima wished to be aware of his special position at work in the second half of the century.

The "Delphi" portal has already reported 13. Saeima will meet on Tuesday at a first session in which political party representatives currently serving as MEPs will give a festive promise from Members and will also vote on a draft decision approving MEPs' mandates. It is also expected that the Saeima presidency will be elected at its first session.

According to Satver, the first session of the newly elected Saeima will be opened, chaired by Ināra Mūrniece (NA), chairman of the 12th Saeima, until the election of 13th Chairman Saeima.

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