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Mountains and ski slopes in Latvia are exotic

Many do not realize it, but our mountains are exclusive, even exotic. Many people in the world do not have such a short, dynamic ride that lasts only 20 seconds. The diversity of the mountains in Latvia is very wide. I was also not at all places, but it's my goal – from time to time I go to a place where I was not somewhere deep in the woods – a slope that only local people know is worth enjoying.

Winter sports enthusiasts always hope that the mountain season can be discovered early in December, of course it will not always succeed, but ideally the season is from December to March. There are several years when you can start only in January, which is unbelievable for both enthusiasts and professionals. In Latvia, it's hard to plan something – the snow is here, it's not sudden! Of course, it causes losses to miners and commodity traders when winter goods remain in store shelves. This situation must also be anticipated. But I really hope we can start in December! When it's real cold in Latvia, it can be very pleasant – it's a beautiful time.

Proper track selection and qualified instructors

Sigulda is one of the places where you can find beautiful mountains and recreational facilities where you can enjoy the winter and relax. There are at least three songs that I personally liked and recommend to others: "Kordová" track, "Kaķīškalns" and urban track. Of course, they are not the only ones, there are many other places – Baldone, Milzkalns, Riekstu Hill and others. It is even impossible to remember.

All of the above places are beginners and children's tracks and more serious slopes for experienced richer and more skilled skiers. If there is no previous experience, you do not have to worry, because if you have the skills you have mastered on a small hill, you can try to put this knowledge on great slopes.

Of course, it's a challenge to move to a bigger mountain, but if you dropped once – then I can safely say it will be gone! In my opinion, Siguld is a good place to train – the mountain is not too steep and the slope is flat, which is a good solution for beginners.

Another important person in this case is a good instructor who will instruct, show and be able to recommend the best solution to anyone who wants. The most common problem is that human progress on the hill is too slow, so the interest in work is quickly lost. The role of a good instructor is even more pronounced – an adult can learn to skate relatively quickly if it does according to a suitable plan. Instructors in Latvia are suitable and well qualified, in addition to the regular training of foreign specialists.

PHOTO: Personal archive Miky Zvejnieky

Mountain and cross-country skiing – a popular sport in Latvia

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