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Pahar's book is about 15 years old – Soccer –


"Special thanks to Askold, without him nothing, because I would never publish a book about myself. We started writing more than 15 years ago, I do not know or the book is written for so long," Pahar said in a presentation with a smile. "I've always played in England, but then a lot of things changed, I could marry, decide, get married and decide again." Askold suggested that at some point he offered to continue writing a book, he refused, but he convinced me.

"The book is very interesting, I read it during the day. I do not know, maybe it seemed interesting to me, but I'm sure it will be for my parents and children. It shows the ideas of the young person 15 years ago and the thoughts of adults," says the legend Latvian football. "The young man, who does not really get involved at the beginning of the story, has arrived in another country, but these doubts have allowed me not to stop and keep on going, I have knocked down the road."

As Pahar discovered, the name "Super Marians" came about a week before the book was sent to typography, the last hero, and the author of the conversation.

"We started to write when he was still young and productive – a big star, I often talked to him and concluded that he needed a book." Marian started wounding and the book remained in the manuscript. wave, although we regularly talked about the restoration of writing, "says Uldriķis that at some point he wanted to continue in Pahar, but the author did not have time and vice versa." I think this book will be of interest to football fans of all ages. Every book goes through intentions and perseverance, thanks to character, it has achieved its goals, although it is not easy. "

"15 years ago we planned to wear the golden books in envelopes, but now they were released with soft covers because Marian's view is quite different," the author said, revealing that the Latvian Football Federation (LFF) and the Metta football school contributed financially. "Publishing books is not lucrative, so thank everyone who helped you." Metty's books will be distributed to classmates and it will be interesting to read the great ones. "

Meanwhile, LFF Secretary General Edgars Pukinsky found that Uldriq's oral agreement had been reached about immortalizing life stories from other players important to Latvian football. "We will continue to create such content to keep the history of football open to future generations."

"In Latvia there are only a few books on football, I hope it will start the movement," Pahar said.

The books should now be in Riga bookstores, but already on Thursday all over Latvia. Initially, 1000 copies will be available for sale. Probably it will also be published in Russian and Southampton may also be available in English.

Pahar's seventh half-time was the English club "Southampton" and played great in the English Premier League, where he recorded 42 goals in 129 games. 2001/2002 In the season, he was among the top 10 players in the English Premier League. In the Latvian team, Pahar played 75 matches and scoring 15 goals. Three times – in 1999, 2000 and 2001 – he was recognized as the best Latvian footballer of the year.

After completing his career as a football player, Pahar worked as the head coach of the Skonto club, the U-21 Latvian team and the Latvian national team. Currently, he works as the head coach of Jelgava.

The author of the book, Uldriķis, has been serving as a sports journalist in sports magazines "Sport" and "Independent Morning News" for 17 years, as well as in the Sporta Avize magazine.

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