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Sign in! X Factor’s first “chair challenge” is here! Intars Busulis chooses his team X-Factor


On Sunday evening, October 17th, TV3 and TVGu3 present the first “Chris Challenge” show, “X Factors,” in which composer Antarus Boulis will complete his team. From the first TV selections, the mentor showed that he wanted to work with salespeople in groups of 16-25 year olds – this is exactly the category he has won!

In previous seasons of the show, Intars has worked with sound groups. This year, the mentor will help young girls with valuable advice in selling valuable tips.

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Intars will have to carefully select, listen and evaluate the 21 participants in the tree!

The most important thing I want to say is, remember, it is up to you how you are prepared, not just physically and emotionally. I want to see the emotion! I want you to tell stories through your career – maybe it is from your life, what experience you need. There are three or three places, but many of you are! The process will be fun and everything will be fine, because I am already happy to work with you, ”before the performance, young women encouraged by Intars.

Bus and Busoli will always be addressed with a cheerful “bomb” Lara Bubina, or perhaps Shakira Elizabeth Matavieva, performing the hit “Rise”, which brought success to Katie in the show’s season.

“First health!” Loreta Klibiķe V kilo weighs 50 kilograms extra and returns to the “X Factor” stage.

Julia Leonia will also be presenting one of her special songs in the “Chair Challenge”, presenting to the Antares that she will sing a bit with herself in the future. Will Intarsons accept such a special offer?

Loreta Klibīķe’s mentor has stayed with each of them to raise applause and, does that mean that Loreta’s place on the chair is guaranteed?

Owner of great sounds Julia Majira is accustomed to the big stage, as she represented Latvia in the “Slovak market” competition in 2021. faith and believing in oneself, whose abilities of the abilities, will one benefit the young or the young al?

Last season, “The Chair Challenge” ended with tears and madness for Dione Liepiņa, she’s back on the show and ready to win her chair!

Check out the first chair challenge of the show “X Factors” and find out how successful the new ers and the audience they’ve received love and support! Comment on your comments!

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