Tuesday , January 18 2022

Sonna Salon sticks in a hand in women's hands


Last day, information got found in about 56 cases when returning to the police to help people or a criminal action. Five criminals were registered against one person's life and health, against crime against property and property against 11 criminals against 15 ordinary people.

During the past days, 11 accidents were included in a hunting, registered in the William Scheme Administration. 53 administrative restrictions were created, 26 of which were for speed.

22 November 13:13 Piebig in Sisis and crossing the لنگप गिल There was a carpenter between fighters and vW transporter. In fact, the police police officers and a staff car. Local police officers were told that beans and for a goat, but on the other hand, the driver of VV Transport could not be ridden, resulting in a collision. In the case of an accident, Opposition was kept at Verarero's driver to provide medical support. Police explains cases of case.

November 22, 14:15 Pledariya in the Gabolan region – Madonna – Gabriel in the 74 km The WS-Route Driver blocks out of the village at 115 km / h speed. In order to avoid prototulating, the driver gave a bribe to the USS 10 police officer. The crime of the crime has been started for this matter. Lifting bribery is permitted by depriving of freedom for five years, or temporary period of time, or hard work.

November 22, 09:00 Parish in Lisas of Parak district A homeowner has found that property was stolen. Content loss is estimated at 1070 hectares. Determines police conditions.

November 22 at 15:00 In madonna An illegitimate person stole a horse on a woman's hand, from a beauty salon, stole a money-money, bank card, and a driver's license and a car-technical passport. Content on 65EUR has been lost. Determination of police conditions, crime proceedings have been started.

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